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Muringakka Paalu Pizhinju Vechathu – Drumsticks stewed in mildly spiced up coconut milk

Blogger Me: (In a pensive mood)What’s happening to my blog… ‘s been few weeks since I last updated….!!
Real Me: So what? If you don’t feel like updating, don’t do it. Btw, who cares whether you post something or not??
Blogger Me: That’s true…..yet I have been getting some comments from my readers and mails from friends asking about my disappearance……some of my friends even phoned me …….so there are people who open my blog….
Real Me: (shrugs)) yeh…..may be

Blogger Me: I think  I am going through a terrible blogger’s block….just don’t know what to write…….
Real Me: If you don’t know what to write, don’t write. What bothers you so much…? You were never like this… never liked forcing yourself to do things if you can’t commit yourself fully…….
Blogger Me: yeah….true……but this is just a hobby and blogging is something I  enjoyed a lot…….I don’t want it to end up in the list of my dead hobbies….:(
Real Me: Well, then…take a break….refresh yourself and come back….
Blogger Me: yeah ..I considered that option too….but after all these weeks, I still don’t think I am recharged enough to start blogging again…..I am afraid I ‘m falling into the deep pit of laziness!!

….a conversation that I went over and over in my small head in the past several weeks. A short break that started because of a small technical challenge from my old PC, that has been huffing and puffing for quite some time due to old age, got extended due to my sheer laziness and a series of cases of plagiarism. I am aware of the root causes too , yet the thought of moving my rear end from that cozy couch on a Sunday evening and dragging myself to the computer, transferring the thoughts into words and keying them into readable sentences as an introduction for the recipe, then typing down the recipe itself  to make it sound appealing and doable  to the readers out there, watermarking the pictures, uploading , editing……..I wonder, when did it start sounding like such a herculean task!!!!!! Did I really lose interest???

Like many bloggers, I am also going through that mid-blog-life crisis…….For a change, our dining table and chairs are placed and angled right in the centre of the dining corner…..placemats are stacked neatly on top and napkin holder and the vase holding fresh money-plant strings are right in the centre……window drapes are finally resting on its rod…….the army in black - camera, battery charger, tripod etc etc has been retreated silently to the inwards of the shelf……..that yellow scribbling pad to note down the measurements has been missing from the kitchen countertop, for weeks ……in short, there is no mess in the kitchen and dining area and to be precise, all the traces of a food blogger living in the apartment has been completely vanished!!!!!!!

So, before I show the ‘Road ends here’ signboard to myself , I thought I should make a grave attempt to recharge my own battery and to jump start the old wagon, let me start with some recipes from my drafts.

Muringakka Paalu Pizhinju vechathu is a beautiful example of the simplicity of Kerala cuisine where simple ingredients provide the ground for fragrance and flavour. The natural fragrance of drumsticks and curry leaves ……creaminess of freshly squeezed coconut milk………pungent smell of crackled mustard seeds and sautéed small onions in flavourful and aromatic coconut oil make it one of our favourite from the family of vegetarian dishes.

  1. 2 big/generous handfuls of drumstick pieces, cleaned and split lengthwise into 2 “ pieces
  2. 3-4 Indian green chillies
  3. A small 1” inch piece of ginger, thinly sliced
  4. ½ to ¾ tsp red chilly powder
  5. ½ tsp coriander powder
  6. ¼- ½ tsp turmeric powder
  7. Salt to taste
  8. 1 ¼ cup thin coconut milk/Randaampaal
  9. ¼ cup thick coconut milk/Thanipaal
  10. 1 tbsp coconut oil
  11. ½ tsp mustard seeds
  12. 2-3 dry red chillies
  13. 2-3 small red pearl onions, thinly sliced
  14. 1 sprig of curry leaves
  • In a “mann-chatti”/clay pot or in a sauce pot, add all the ingredients listed from 1 to 8 and let it cook in thin coconut milk, covered with lid,  in a low-medium heat till it boils. Now remove the lid and reduce the heat to low and cook until drumsticks are soft and done. At this stage, add thick coconut milk and let it cook for 3-4 minutes in low flame, till it starts to blend well with all the spices. Keep the flame at low and do not let it boil too much. Turn off the stove.
  • In another shallow pan, heat coconut oil, splutter mustard seeds, dry red chillies and sauté thinly sliced small onions and curry leaves for a minute or two. Pour everything to the prepared curry, close the lid and let it rest for 15 minutes.  Gently mix everything, before serving with a plate of steaming rice.
My heartfelt thanks to all those who dropped a line here, mailed & phoned me………Each comment & enquiry was enough to give me the nudge to get back to blogging but there are times when you really start acknowledging the significance of the word self-motivation!!!!! 

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  1. This evening I opened your blog and it was in the same "flash back" mode.(stuck at the same post I saw long back). I too wondered about your disappearence.But, convinced myself that you were on vacation:)Never had drumstick in coconut milk. Will try it out. Glad your back with a bang:)

  2. Hmm..the title is quite tempting..a dish new to me!!Welcome back to blogger-life.You wrote such a beautiful wtite up despite having a writer's block..hmm.Imagine us,lesser mortals have to make do with a single line intro for our post when we have such issues!! good to see you back!!

  3. Shn, the main reason must have been plaigarism! Of course all of us love reading ur posts, ur droolofying snaps n the intriguing writeup, not to forget the simplified recipe! HUGS n please don't disappear..comments or no comments u r always sought after blog! :D

  4. Oh and a dedicated comment for this lovely muringakka recipe..I make something for my daughter from a close family frnd in Kollam/Quilon, and we just love it..I shall surely try this one n post comment. Pls do keep writing n posting!!:D

  5. Welcome back Shn! :D Dare u get lazy again! :D

  6. Finally u r back....u r right, we get bored at times of blogging...but eventually start blogging again to get rid of that boredom:)Good post again some drumstick drying in the fridge for days....wud try this...

  7. So glad to see you back blogging…I was really missing the tales….I think the comments in previous posts means many echo the same!!:-)
    I do have these blocks too...and sudden feeling that the creativity battery is down…its so hard to get myself recharged again once I am in that phase…So I can very well understand your predicament…Anyways we are happy that you have finally..:-)

    Btw talking of muringakka I did not respect that vegetable when I was a kid…infact I was scolded often for throwing it away without ‘eembing’ (new word it should be) properly!;-D
    Similarly for the avial and Sambhar...I used to just discard it away…but now whenever I get a chance, I make sure that I relish every bit of it….I don’t think I can ever make this curry here coz we don’t get drumsticks here…only thing sounding remotely same are the ‘drumbeat meetings’ as we call in office every Monday afternoon…today it will remind me of something else…:-(

  8. Hi,
    My first time here....ur recipes collection is damn good. love coconut based dishes, drumstick in cocnut milk sounds yumm...nice click.

  9. So you are having abloggers block.
    If i had drumsticks i wouls make this so so yummy delicous curry.
    Blog when ever you feel like.

  10. I like kerala dishes. Simply superb. Nice click.... Feel free to visit my blog & drop ur comments.

  11. YUM!! One more Stew for me to try, looks perfect. I have frozen Drumsticks! :)

    I feel you there. That's the reason I take a break frequently too from blogs and on weekends I just delete all the posts from my blog roll without even looking at them most of the time.I used to feel guilty but learnt to get away! :D

    Take your time.

  12. Am I glad you are back..come on U, mallu gal, varsha and all pushed me into blogging and now u guys leave me in the deep
    The recipe is making me take an enchanted trip through the corridors of my getting lost in that thought...

  13. Any machine may undergo wear &tear with overusage,surely u may have to use lubricating oil once in a while; like a frosted cake or pudding....!Got the point......))))))he...he....
    Anyway,this curry is surely tasty &it's an altime fav of Nisha.....

  14. Mish,the conversation had lots of fun..all truth there.haven't tried murigakka paalu curry yet..As always your click compels me to go a try..

  15. :) :) Awesome recepie, the conversation was better! :)

  16. Hi Shn,

    Nice to see you back.


  17. We call this paal curry and I have`nt had them with Murungakkai. Love the recipe...should go well with Appam as well.

  18. Shaheen, we were missing you!
    I am going to definitely try this one, the combination of drumsticks and coconut milk sounds too good.
    Lovely clicks.

  19. Welcome back.. Really missed you here..

  20. Oh shn..thats bad...will be good to have you back blogging regularly!...nice gravy!

  21. wow....Welcome back girl...Don't you even think for a minute whether are visiting u'r blog...I make it a point check your blog before having lunch- for those yummy snaps and delicious write ups every day. ..just loved u'r muringakka paalu pizhinju vacha curry

  22. Thulasy Mary ElizabethMarch 30, 2009 at 1:20 PM

    Cool to see you back!

  23. Hi Shn,
    It’s good to see your post again. I have been visiting your blog almost every day to see an update. Easter is coming soon and I am completely relying on your blog for an interesting recipe.

  24. Hi shn,
    Love the recipe and your write up.

  25. Thanks a lot for ur come back mish mash...I accept I havent dropped u many comments other than 2 or 3.
    But I really u missed u yaaarr...Really wanted to ask u why u are not active.. Then thought I havent cared to sent any comments to ur good works.. Then all of a sudden when someone wanted to take a break why to disturb. But I was really worried thinking what might have gone wrong..
    The day I come across your blog I felt like in heaven. Only other day I felt the same was when I come across a site which has links to ‘Bobanum Moliyum Cartoons’. I had missed it from the day I reached here. When I really feel bored at work, I come here to read ur posts. I look for ur great write ups more than your recipes. You know what shn..When I started reading ur posts I made it a point that I don’t cover everything at once. I surely wanted to keep something for next day. And finally I covered all ur posts.The same happened with Bobanum Moliyum site. The bad thing is Bobanum Moliyum site never got updated. The good thing is u updated ur blog with at least a post in a week. And I used to literally wait for it. I just wish if u realize what I missed for last few weeks.
    I havent tried many of ur recipes, but whatever I tried always came as good.
    I tried ur X'mas fruit cake, fish molee, pineapple+grapes pachadi, beet root, cucumber pachadies, olan, stew, biriyani etc.
    If I really sit back and think the list might go longer.. .. I have even prepared and got the cake to office.. it was such a big hit and even this moment they all believe I am such a great cook. And now I wonder what the hell I was thinking when tried something from ur blog and never bothered to sent u any comments…
    Here I admit that, I am soo happy to see u back. Soo happy to know u r fine.
    Thanks a lot for all ur good work Shn… U definitely made my life much happier. I know I made it bit sentimental. Sorry abt it. Keep up ur good work.

  26. ive never had this one before and soo glad you posted this and so very glad you came out of your block :D

    ohh..during the weekend, i tried some of your malabar recipes..with some variation of my own and we just loved it!! will post soon :)

  27. good to see that you are back....recipe looks great, i'll let you know how it is once I've tried it.


  28. simple and delicious
    but the picture stole the show

  29. Glad to see you back in action.Please don't stop writing.Your recipes and writings are so cool.

  30. Did you cut up the frozen drumsticks?

  31. Exactly when I needed a muringakka recipe...perfect ! My tree is overloaded with them and I was getting a bit fed up of my usual recipes.

  32. A very cool presentation.. drumsticks always make me mouth-watering...Always had admired the way you present recipes... Infact a reason for me to start blogging was only after I happened to see your blog long time back... Keep doing this generous contribution....

  33. No, no please please bring back that army of black and make your kitchen a mess, we want you back :)

    Missed you !!!

  34. your munrungakka paal kozhambu looks and sounds absolutely delicious; will try that one of these days (will add some prawns to it for my carnivores:) at home)

    i feel exactly the same sometimes, beleive me, you're not alone; sometimes, i feel guilty when i don't come around the blogs to comment or post something; sometimes, I simply feel lazy to type :)
    but you're wrong when you think " who's going to bother?" of course, everybody who loves your recipes will bother!
    keep up and cheers!

  35. its glad that u r back with nice recipes...

  36. gald to see you back..

  37. Hi Shn,
    Really missed you a lot. Used to check daily whether you are back with a new post, and thats when I realized I'm missing something.Even though I was not so active in comments section,I was a silent reader of your blog and enjoy it to the fullest. Please charge your batteries and come back powered.

  38. you guys are so sweet and generous with words!!!!! Thanks a ton for this encouragement.

    Will surely reply to each one of you soon.


  39. hehe. its bad na? we getting soo spoilt that we trouble you to write ;-)

    very happy to have u back.

    nice curry...can almost taste it (mentally :P).

    take care.


  40. Good to see you back and the drumstick stew looks so delicious ..
    Pls write more and update your lovely site ,it's always a nice feeling coming here ..
    hugs and smiles

  41. Pls don't worry abt the bloggers block...
    no worries abt the consistency too..
    take this as a hobby and post when you feel like... long as you don't compromise on the quality of posts/recipes...
    if you feel you are not creative with you write up...don't bother much too..

    Your recipes are precious!coz they are truly authentic!..

  42. So, how many other personalities you have inside you? :)

    Guess what? Tomorrow I am making a drumstick curry for a column I am working on. Imagine my excitement then to see your post :)

  43. Hi Shn,

    Glad to see you back...


  44. Welcome back! Looks delicious n authentic!

  45. I have seen, cooked and eaten drumstick in many diofferent ways, but this one is new to me.
    Of course, it has to be good, in coconut milk at that.:)

    As for "blogger's block", its been plaguing me for a while, too! :)

  46. Hi Shn,

    Glad to see you back :) Lovely pics.. had made it few days back only.. love the aroma after varuthidalling! :-)

    Take care

  47. beautiful recipe!! beautiful pic!!

  48. Nice murigakka curry. Ur blog has a nice collection of Kerala recipe, reminds me of home.

  49. I like ur blog.
    Ur pics r so attractive.
    ur recipes too.

  50. good to see u back in action..wonderful recipe too.will try it sometime

  51. Jus checking if anything new is being cooked here :)

  52. Lovley drumstick curry, my daughter loves drumstick. Thanks for dropping by and for your lovley comments,

    Rajma has to be cooked very softly, and after adding the masala also if you give two whistles the spices will blend nicely in to it.

  53. mid blog life so the next step should be to get better and faster.:))

  54. Mish, we all bloggers go through this some times? Couldn't check your blog for some days..
    ok, nice to see you back.. :)

  55. Made it and loved it..My mom used to put boiled eggs too in it.And Im glad ur back.

    Btw, in electric coil, I cant put man chatti's and my appams never come properly coz it doesnt get cooked in the mid part...any idea on what to do??

  56. Hi. Stumbled upon your site today. Do you have a recipe for a duck roast, the Kerala way? I remember driving to my uncle's place in Changanacherry early morning (from Trivandrum) when I was younger and having a breakfast of puttu, duck roast and fresh toddy. Can't even begin telling you how great that meal was. :) Suspect the recipe will not be very different from the egg roast and chicken roast recipes you have. Thanks. -- Josey John

  57. hey!!!dont even think of it dear..we are not gonna let u feel done with blogging...look at me, in 2007 i had abt 36 posts and in 2008, 4 !!! haa haa...and 3-4 again in 2009 i believe..have posted a new one last week, after ages...

  58. wow looking great.. Nice blog and super pictures... I will be ur regular visitor

  59. don't u dare do this to us, shn. i am a novice to the kitchen and was so happy to discover the world of food-blogging, not to say the least, ur food blog. infact the only 2 blogs i frequent religiously are urs and mallugirl's. i mean, i was beginning to get addicted to reading ur blog, not just for the recipes, but for the trips down memory lane. the least u could do was warn us that u were going to stop,so v could wean ourselves of the blog. This is such a sudden death & as these things do to you, u have left us in absolute misery...

  60. hi
    i recently came accross your blog and like your blog. i have also started a foodblog recently.keep up your good work and i wish u a very success.


  61. You are again missing in action. Time to come back and I'm giving you a reason:
    You have just been awarded the "Honest Scrap" award.
    To claim your badge and pass it on, go to
    All your posts have made me nostalgic - the recipes, the little thoughts, the wonderful pictures..
    Again, Congratulations on a wonderful blog!

  62. Hi Shn,

    This is for a recipe request. Do you know of any recipes of pumpkin/mathanga chammanti using the mushy part inside the pumpkin which has the seeds. My father says he has had a chammanthi of that mushy part after roasting it, which is very tasty. But he doesnt know the ingredients. Any clue??


  63. enthanithu?? guest appearance on your blog??? :D

  64. Hi Mishmash,I have been following ur blog for quite sometime now. I love it,more so because of the pictures and write ups. I keep checking it everyday to see if u have come up with any new post. Please do update :)

  65. great to see u back , SHn . BTW , I AM ALSO going thru this same ... u can name it laziness or block or not finding enough time .. but I am not blogging for a few month s now and i am not feeling good about it ....
    i have never tried this recipe ... will try this one ....


    hi Shn!Saw this pic of your Chicken biryani at


  67. I just checked Sanjeev Kapoor's site seeing the above comment. Didn't expect it from a reputed chef like him! Have you mailed him yet?


  68. Sumitha, Thanks a lot for letting me know. I've put a comment in his blog on his latest post and also mailed him. Hope they will respond. Thanks again.

    Shilpa, Thank you for the support. Yes , I just dropped a comment in his blog..Waiting for the response.

    To all my friends, readers and blog buddies, sorry for disappearing like this. Its not intentional, but its all because of some change in priorities. I hope to come back soon. Thanks a lot for checking on me. My sincere apologies to all those who mailed me or left a comment asking for doubts, for not able to respond to your mails and comments.

    See you soon.

  69. UPdate: has removed the picture copied from this blog. Sumitha, Thx again for letting me know


  70. your bloggggggggggggggggggg is super i just loved itttttttttttttt
    tempting picturessssssss and recipies.all the best ...and keep blogging

  71. hey..miss u so much shn..i open this almost everyday..and when i meet the " muringakka" again...oops..hope u get back to your bloggin' mood soon...

  72. Shn....

    I was shocked to see your "Chemmeen eerkkiliyil kuthi varuthathu" photo in this link( ) in the recipe section of vanitha. Thought of letting you know


  73. Mishmash! Your pictures are looking beautiful!!! I'm just now coming back and looking at a lot of your posts a year later, and I'm blown away by how good a lot of your pictures look!!! Great stuff!!

  74. KS,

    Very nice of you to let me know about this....this is the second time Malayala Manorama has used my material without my approval, so it is not shocking to me...they are nothing but a shameless newspaper house with no professional ethics and credibility. Thanks again...let me see how many months they will take this time to come back with their version of the story!

  75. I have to admit! I'm tired of seeeing ur muringaka pal kari pic! Sorry!Hoping that comment would get you back in action!!:D Hope you are well!!

  76. Now I started hating muringakka after seeing the same picture again and again!!

  77. Shn,

    Hope to see u back soon! Miss ya, lady, real bad!


  78. Hi Shn,

    There are a lot of your (and your mom's and grand mom's) recipe fans who checkout your blog once in a while for the same old taste of our home made food. Whenever I want to impress someone with Kerala cuisine your blog is my first stop! So don't ever think of quitting. Wishing you all the best to break this blogger's-block and come up with more of your creations!

    Warm Regards,

  79. Ayyo blogger-me pokalle:)
    Ayyo real-me pokalle:)

    Was wondering about the directed hits to my blog.Now only realized that this blog was not active.Thank you to restart the service providerjee..:)

    By the way,"lo laval" had punished me a couple of times with your recipes :).Never knew that the thrilling food pics would do such danger :)

    Off topic : Commenting here seems am peepin into a ladies hostel :) Mathew achayan'z big moustache is the only way of resort here :)

  80. Thulasy Mary ElizabethMay 27, 2009 at 10:33 AM

    Hi Mishmash,

    We are patiently waiting for you to recover from the block.When you have these many readers, how come you are getting a block? I suspect you are into a full time job.Anyway,hope to see you soon......:)

  81. Hi Mishmash:I regularly check your blogs and you are my inspiration. Thanks to your detailed recipes i have come a long way in cooking.

    Where have you disappeared???


  82. Hi shn,
    I was just bloghopping and came across one of ur pics in this site. Check it out.It is there along with the watermark!!
    ...I think I know all ur pics by heart by now..Its just so good to look and drool...
    Heyyy...Its so funny. At the end of that post, the user has given a link and I cant believe,its to my Blog!!!

    Looking forward to see u in action....its sad to see that muringa curry's pic everyday....

  83. Looks like you are still in a writers block or are you having a wonderful breal somewhere exotic :-)

  84. Its bn a lloooooooooooonnnnnnng time. Whr r u ? Hopefully u r getting rejuvenated and wl cm bk with a lots of goodies 4 us.

    Lv Jisha

  85. Hi there,

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    Take care,

  86. My dear friend, don't worry about updating the blog. it took me 6 months :P

    I will be trying this recipe real soon. I've just moved so still in the search for a good Indian store here. I miss Indian food.

  87. I am a big fan of your blog.

    Trust me, there have been many evenings when I had my laptop in the kitchen and you have helped me fix a quick and tasty dinner :)

    So I thought I will just let you know that you were much missed!

  88. Hey Mishmash, Hope all is well at your end..


  89. hi there, shn dear :)

    I've been mia for a bit too -- I can empathize. C'mon back when you're ready -- you know you'll always be welcomed with open arms! Although, if you keep cooking up drumsticks like this, I might have to come find you first ;)

  90. When I read your internal dialogue, I thought I was talking to myself. :P
    My blogging activity has been very erratic since the start of 2009. We all go through it if we've kept it up for any duration. As much as it has its pleasures, blogging is hard work, too.

    I'm glad I stopped by...finally. The timing was just right, and this gentle, rich stew has me sighing.

  91. amazing shaheen ...i just love ur blog

  92. Mishy... miss u!! do come back.. u have all of us waitin! :)

  93. Wow..drumstick item is my favorite. But now i am not getting drumstick in our local market. This is new item of drumstick for me. Let me tell to my mom to make this item when i will go home.

  94. Thanks a lot. muringakka recipe is an interesting recipe. At last I have found something interesting and unique to serve to my guests during the holidays. I am sure that they'll love this muringakka recipe. thank you for shearing your post.

  95. Thank u for this tasty rcp. :)

    im a big fan of ur blog.thanks alot for the yummy rcps.


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