Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A September Surprise !

It was a spring morning early this year….. I was enjoying the glint in his eye as Little King watched one of his favourite songs, “Mine” by Taylor Swift. As we watched the video ,capturing some  picture perfect  family moments of a young couple with two little boys running around the beach, doing pillow fights jumping up and down on a bed, I heard CJJ asking me, “ nammalum ethu pole aayirikko?” (Are we going to be like them?). I sat there smiling, secretly wishing for that picture perfect family moments, not knowing whether the flutters I had been experiencing on my womb were from a little boy or girl. 

And on a beautiful  September morning, with a twinkle in his eye and dimple on his chin, he came into our life….. a precious baby boy , our Little Peanut, a beautiful September Surprise… :)

These days as  I  Iie down there sandwiched between Little King on my left and Little Peanut on my right, I can’t stop smiling and I keep saying, “ Am blessed…..life is beautiful, indeed, with my three men army! “ ?

Little King has been incredibly sweet and caring to his baby brother and he calls his tiny wonder “Babytha..” :)

I cannot thank you enough for all the thoughtful and wonderful messages you sent our way when I disappeared without even saying a word. At times, I still cannot comprehend how someone out there who has never even met us , can give us a place in your hearts and say, “ we miss you…”.  Yet, neither could I update this page nor could I reply to the comments and messages left by you, wonderful readers and blogger friends. Our life has been on a roller coaster ride for the last few months with pregnancy, changes in work schedule and routine and later, two wonderful boys. Thank You for being there and keeping us in your thoughts!

It’s been a long time since I logged into my blogger account and now as I draft this post, I realize, I miss writing here!!

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