Friday, December 2, 2011

"Happy To You .."


I heard you squealing and bursting with laughter, when Appa said , "sharkbait hoo ha haa .."

I saw you blushing everytime i let you complete "Ring of .....F I R E"

I enjoyed thoroughly , when you charmingly said " neme..neme..nem" to my question , where is Nemo's house?

I was dazzled every-time you chuckled, watching  Marlin  sharing the joke of sea cucumbers..what made you laugh so much, little dude?

I loved the way you said , Daa....(r) la  'skeeming' (screaming) when we reached the page with the picture of Darla in  your " nema" book

And I was half asleep when you woke up crying "nema box venam" (want nema box)  in the middle of the night , pointing your tiny fingers to a box of wipes , placed on the dresser , with the picture of your favorite fish!

I  will never  forget that expression on your face  as i pulled out your "happy to you cake"  from the fridge....and the image of you bubbling with laughs as we lit the candles...the twinkle in your eyes as the candles sparkled....I wish I could freeze those precious moments.....!!

And you know what, our precious Little Peanut , your "babytha" was sleeping cozy in your grandmas hands as you cut the cake, just like he curled up  inside me almost an year ago when you started watching your friend, Nemo!


We celebrated Little King 's second birthday last week. I made a Nemo Cake for him. It was a layered chocolate cake, filled with chocolate butter-cream, covered in fondant  and decorated with gumpaste. I thoroughly enjoyed working with gumpaste, making undersea creations. Now looking at the corals, Little King says, ""  :)  

We were really amazed by the way some of you remembered his birthday and sent him advance wishes and blessings.I say this everytime , I am at a loss for words whenever  i realise the way you guys have given us a place in your hearts and the way you love our little boys . I wish I had the words to convey how much it means to us.... Truly , you leave me speechless! All I can say is. "thank you.." from the bottom of my heart.


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