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Chutta Pappada(m) Chammanthi - Pappadam with ground coconut

Here’s one more to the list of recipes long forgotten from my mother’s memory….a taste completely new to me. She remembered this one when I was showing a picture of Pappadam Thalichathu (recipe coming soon) . Here Pappadam (a crispy thin flatbread made of black gram flour), instead of frying, is grilled/roasted without oil and then ground with freshly grated coconut and mildly spiced with a dry red chilly and aroma therapy is provided by the fresh curry leaves and a touch of coconut oil. I felt it is a nice variation from the regular Chammanthi I have tasted and thought of featuring it here!

  • 2 medium size Pappadam/Indian wafers (buy the ones from Kerala)
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 large dry red chilly ( as per taste)
  • A fistful of grated coconut
  • 2-3 curry leaves
  • Salt to taste
  • Cook Pappadam in microwave for 20-30 seconds. Alternatively, you can roast/grill Pappadam over a burner, in flame, until done. Crush this into small pieces
  • Heat a teaspoon of oil in a small pan; to this add dry red chilly and immediately turn off the heat. Keep stirring and roast the chilly, until it starts to change colour( from red to brown). Pour this to the wet grinder/smallest jar of mixer (including the leftover oil from the pan), add grated coconut, crushed Pappadam, curry leaves and salt; grind till everything becomes a coarse dry paste.
  • Serve with Kuthari Choru or Kanji
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  1. that's such a different yet easy recipe. must try :)

  2. hey,
    Nice simple stuff but I have to say that the picture takes the cake:) I am a big big fan of snaps on your website. The only word I have to say about your blog is "AWESOME".
    I'm gonna be a regular on your pages

  3. aaauuuuu....vayayil vellam vannu!!
    chutta aracha chamanthi is one of my favorites..dint know pappadam also can b used..

  4. Mouthwatering recipe.. Thanks for posting these kind of nadan recipes.
    Iniyunm ithupole ammayude ormakalil olinjirukkunna vibhavangal pratheekshikkunu... ammayodu oru spl thanks ariyakkane.

  5. I am drooling here. I do hate you for making all these dishes :-)

  6. Hi Shn,

    Pappadachamanthi is new to me. This seems to be easy and tasty too! Will surely try out. And yeah, you have a great site here..have tried couple of ur recipes and everything always turned out yummy, but my favourite is beef varattiyathu.. no match for it.

    thanks a lot..

  7. What a lovely Pic...Pappadam chammanthi is something that i never evn heard of...have heard about pappadam thoram...Lovely post, as usual....

  8. though i havent had it in the way written here..I pretty much did the same by mixing th rice with chammanti and papaddam..and make it into an upma 'parivam'..used to be typical lunch in school days and loved it very much..though we often had some side dish to go along with it..I cant believe it has been ages since I had this!!

  9. Dear Shn,this sounds really yummy:-)

  10. wow! new to me. is this ur new camera's results? looks very good.

  11. WOW! That's creative. My thatha didn't have any teeth, so my ajji used to grind the papad and give it to him to mix with rice! Wish she knew this dish! :)

    Photo is fab.
    It snowed 6" today, kids are at home!

  12. That sounds so yumm..Awesome..

  13. It's totally new for me.. haven't even heard of this.. all ur dishes r too tempting and I need to remind myself 100 times that I'm on diet :(

  14. Thanks for the recipe..I have had this chutney from my Kerala friends. I will try your recipe. I hope to get the same result using appalam.

  15. thats a littel different to me..but i can only imagine how awesome this will taste!!

  16. This is such a unique combo Shn! Very simple ingredients too, will give it a shot soon :)

  17. hmmm..never tried this before ..we usually have the red chammanthi with kanji...i can eat it with dosas too..weird me!!!...i have to try this out ...may be today itself....


  18. Whoa!! never had the slightest brainwave to put papadam in a microwave..gosh all the oil I have been using up. As a kid I used to eat all the leftover biriyani chammanthi scooping up with pieces of papadams...u make me nostalgic..will try this soon.

  19. Wow...thats a different chammanthi...looks yumm...great pic as usual

  20. i have never tasted that....will try out for sure!...the snap jus looks yummm


  21. I have a song for all your posts!!!

    Yummy yummy yum yum!



  22. That is a beautiful shot and a very new kind of dish

  23. Pappadam thalichathu i am familiar with Mish.but this one is quite interesting..and the picture makes me drool..longing for some pickle..that too kadumanga ? I have some here.

  24. Never heard of that...but must try that once.

  25. easy breezy chammanthi. just made this for luch. added a small knob of ginger too. heaven! thank you for such 'nadan' recipes. :)

  26. This reminds me of coconut choka we would make in these parts and eat with dhal and rice.

    I promise to make the time to email you. There is lots to tell.

  27. I really love your food styling in this photograph, Shn. :)

  28. awesome pic !! this is completly a new chammanthi for me. Got to try this.

  29. What an unusual dish, Shn! I love that!!

  30. Kanji and chammandi with chutta pappadam I know, but chammandi with the pappadam is new to me. If I may ask, which part of Kerala does this recipe come from?

  31. Shn, your photos are always wonderful, but these few posts them really pop out!!! Very stylish, and of course, very delish!

  32. The picture is amazing, never tasted this, but i love chutta papadam so iam sure this will be good, gona try it sometime soon. yumm!

  33. Hi Shn, Since few months I am reading regularly your cooking blog, Many thanks to share all the recipes and the pics. Your recipes are really very good and we can easily make the dish by reading your blog , Infact I have prepared 3/4 dishes after reading the recipe. U r so creative..I have become a fan of your blog.Learned so many things from you ..Thanks again..Love to read more from you ..Cheers...Nisha Chandan

  34. chammanthi theernu..enikku vishakunnei!!!;-D

  35. this is so doable... I have to try it. Will this work with the normal urad dal appalam (not pappadam)? I am sure we'll both love this.

  36. First time here....recipe looks new to me....! U have a well mainted blog space!

  37. sounds delightful...loved the idea of Pappada Chammanthi.

  38. You are a chammanthi lover too? Just like me? :D

    Pinne, I have never ever heard of this ripe jack fruit fritters. Did you get a naadan name for it? The chakka varuthathu I know and love is made with sliced raw jack fruit pieces.

  39. Hello!!

    Where have you been?? posts for the past 2 weeks! :(

    Hope you are well!


  40. got to try this ... can imagine how tasty it would be...

  41. mishy, is everything alright? been long time since i seen any updates on ur blog. u know i much i enjoy reading ur write-ups :)

  42. Hi Shn

    Are you around ? Ok wanted to ask you something. Each of your post footer has an array of thumbnails of related post. Are you using a widget like LinkWithin or something else?

    Also the gallery on the sidebar, did you create on your own ?

    Thanks for the help

  43. This sounds absolutely delightful and so very simple, love it !

  44. Hi,
    MY first time here :) u have a fine collection of recipes. Love kerala food. The name of the dish sounded interesting :) Papad used in this way is something new that i've learnt :) Thanks, and must say ur pics are so nice and clear.
    Happy weekend.

  45. Hey Shn!!

    I must say i'm impatient now!! It's been 3 looooong weeks since you posted something!!

    R u alright?? Come back soooon :)
    Take care!

    -Ria ( Happy Baker )

  46. Hi Shn,

    Hope all is fine at your end.

    Long time...

    Take care


  47. Nags, u might like since u like chuttaracha chammanthi....:)

    Smitha, Thanks a lot.....there re lots of just average pics in this blog....but this one is one of my favs too :)

    Divz,try cheythu nokku.....kothi pidichu erikkunnathilum nallathalle athu :P

    Sitha,yes i have conveyed ur special regards to her and her response was like... " aa athu...annu pettennu orma vannathu kondalle " :))

    Happy Cook, heheheh...hate me with love....:))

    Anon,thanks for letting me know your feedback.....if u re in a mood for a different taste in ur regular coconut chammathi, yes you must try this :)

    Shabs, yeah me too read about pappadam thoran sometime back...but havent tried that yet....

    Mathew, guess what, i had not see ur name while reading ur comment and the moment i reached 'upma parivam' I knew this one must be from u.....:))))could connect that well with u :) me too like that paternal aunt makes a tasty chammathi with coconut...i used to love it so much that i could eat a plate of rice with just that that reminds me that i shd get that recipe from her!

    Sunita, thanks dear :)

    Mallugirl, tanguuu...yes it is :)

    Asha, so sweet of ajji!!! they must have been a lovely couple , I am sure! I got to catch up with a lot of blogs...wasn't active for a couple weeks....

    Ashwini, thanks :)

    Dhanya, hahhah...chammanthi is diet dish only......:D all (most) my dishes are just everyday ones....the ones i cook at home for our lunch or not much dont feel guilty while eating :))

    Cilantro,you can use appalam, the only thing is that it will give u appalam if u re used to it, it shdnt be a prob at all.

    Superchef, simple but good :)

    Priya,yes the ones always available in ur kitchen...a quick fix too :)

    Rashmi, i love red chammathi and i love to have dosa with that type of chammathi too ...nothing weird in it :D

    Sakshi, aww.....i stopped frying pappadam long back ever since i learnt this m/w technique.....these days only for special occasions i use oil for frying pappadam...20-40 secs max...try :)

    Poornima, thanks a lot :)

    Resh, thank you :)

    Ria, aww.....that was sweet of u :)

    Sandeepa, thanks dearie :)

    Ann, ayyo kadumanga pickle...pls oru kuppi ayachu tharo....vaayil kappalodikkan vellam :(

    Jyo, yes easy one....give it a try :)

    Ammu, wow! thanks a lot for such a prompt feedback...quite happy to know that u enjoyed it :)

    Cynthia, oh is same choka concept only :) I remember how Bee used to tease u saying u choka-fy everhthing :P

    Susan, Thanks a lot....:)

    Pravs, dangzz :)

    Vani,thanks :)

    Aparna, this is from my maternal grandma's kitchen who is from could be from that place ...not sure means of clarifying it..sorry :(

    Gattina, coming from you, I take it as a great compliment....thanks so much :)

    Vidya, I associate chutta pappadam more with fever days....:)

    Mallurecipes, thanks :)

    Nish, thank you very much for your lovely words....nice to know that it is easy to follow the recipes and u re enjoying it too...thanks a lot for ur feedbacks :)

    Mathew, avide begum mutton elle? :P

    Raaga, it will work with appalam too , instead of pappadam flavour, it will have appalam taste...thats the only difference...

    Sharmilee, thanks a lot....warm welcome here :)

    Dave, thanks for dropping by :)

    RP, ofcoz yes :) do u get fresh jackfruit there?

    Ria, I am extremely sorry for my system was I got into a lazy mood....thanks so much for checking on's nice to know that someone out there thought about me atleast for a thanks :) Btw, I think I am back....hope to be regular from now on.. :)

    Nandu, it is a simple one.. :)

    Sia, I will reply to ur system was down....thats why the lack of activit here :) thanks for dropping by :)

    Sandeepa, yes very much :) both the image gallery and related posts are CJJ's contributions....he does it within is easier i guuess.....almost every blog has it these days mail me if u need any info :)

    Usha, thanks:)

    Suparna,thanks a lot for dropping try out and let me know your feedback....A warm welcome here :)

    Ria, hey and u happy baker all one person nice of u to drop so many comments :) Thx!

    Rsh, yes I am fine...thanks for asking....sys problem plus a bit of laziness too :)

  48. I have just discovered your great blog! Thank you for this recipe. I made it and served it with rice and it was a great hit. Is it okay to use on dal it seems like such a good fit. :O) It's hard not to eat it plain it's so tasty.

  49. ahhh, glad to see u fit and kicking around ;) I am happy as long as you continue to post :D tc girl...

  50. Heyy!! glad to see ur back! finally!!

    yes.. Happy Baker and Ria is one person! thought il use my name itself from now on :)

    Thanks for taking ur time off to reply back!!

    Hoping you wud catch up with all the days that u missed!!

    Take Care!


  51. Jus popped up to c wats cooking! awaitin ur next post!

  52. I was also wondering where u had disappeared all of a sudden!!Just came in to check if theres any news from ur side. Glad u r back. Keep rocking!

  53. so, I am very very new to your site, bumped into it just now and I must comment- Your heights of creativity, your pssion for cooking- beyond words..The photos say it all- simply marvellous..!! I was looking for chicken stea recipe- did find one from yous ite- I am goign to try that out..Now that I discovered your blog, very inspired by the photos and encouraged to try out more recipes...Tremendous work and keep it going...!!

  54. My father is a huge fan of Pappada with ground coconut and I always try to make one for him whenever we see my parents. He has yet to be fully blown away by any of the recipes i've tried. Simplicity is key, and yours looks perfect!The Photos are amazing... I am already feeling hungry. Can't wait to try it.

  55. Something different alright! :) Found another interesting cookery blog. Do check out!

  56. Superb and Simple receipes Mishmash!!!

    I impress all my guests with your receipes and everythings come out really well all the time.I am a very big fan of u'r website and daily check out the site while checking my mails.

    Thanks a lot for all the dishes and desserts.

  57. Hi shn,
    Im a regular here. And I just have a small query if you can help. Could you tell me how you post your pics big without losing the clarity? I tried changing the height and width in html in mine, but it takes the clarity completely. Now Im using another site for enlarging but Im having my pics in another account and it links the pic html to my blog,but I hate it.
    Sorry for troubling,Wud appreciate if u cud help.
    Hope u r doing well on ur side. And wish u come back again with magical recipes.

  58. I have prepared this recipe. If use 2-3 shallots, it will be more tastier.

  59. Two-three small onions and red chillis are to be dry roast along with the pappadam.Add this while grinding . This will be an another version of the dish. Do not add fried red chilles and heated coconut oil. Instead finish with fresh coconut oil after grinding. A little quantity of tamarind soaked in some water can also be added while grinding to enhance tasted which will be better while accompanying rice.


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