Monday, July 13, 2009

Peach & Plum Jam – A melody in fruit and spices….

Two weeks back, I woke up one morning telling myself, “ I am going to start blogging from today!! “ and curled up under the cover thinking about the peach and plum jam I made the previous night , the fruity fragnrance of which had invaded the dark passages of my nostrils and found its way to my clogged up brain. The intoxicating smell of the fruits cooking in the pot , with a subtle note of the spices filled up our kitchen and living room, awakening all my senses as well as reviving the spirits of the blogger in me . Though I had paired the fruits out of a random brainwave,the temptation to blog grew stronger when CJJ, entrusted with the responsibility of taste –test as the fruits were coming to a rolling boil, made an unexpected remark that “I have a gut feeling that this jam is going to be awesome…”!!!

Days passed by and nothing happened…..and whenever I logged into my blog account , the picture of that muringakka/Drumstick curry stared back at me. Towards the end of that week, I saw CJJ spreading some of that jam on a slice of bread and heard him saying, “ hmm…wow” . Again I told myself , “Todayyy …I have to take a picture and write this down before I forget the recipe” .

One more week passed and nothing happened…..and last weekend, CJJ offered me a slice of bread slathered with some of that jam and as I digged my teeth into it, once again , I felt the same urge and today I saw myself rummaging my closets for the bag of camera and its accessories and also spent a good amount of time searching for the camera manual as I realised I had completely lost touch with the basics of photography itself. I know it will take some time to get back to my grooves again but atleast I am glad that I am making an attempt.

As much as am inspired to write about this simple concoction from my kitchen and make a come back to the blog world, I see myself sharing the thoughts of that school kid who lived in my body two decades ago. She always had some strange inhibitions to go back to school after a week of absence due to fever or some other sickness, wondering if she would still have a place among her friends. As I write this I have the same feelings , same doubts……though the number of supporting mails and comments I received from dear blogger friends and readers, over the last few months, is enough to convince me that I have a place there in your hearts!!! Thanks a ton for all those thoughtful messages and reassuring mails :)

Well, though that was a long prelude for a simple Peach & Plum Jam, I really don’t have any exact measurements to write down a detailed recipe. I will just note down what I threw in and hopefully, that would give you a canvas to make your own creation.

I started by chopping 4 ripe peaches and 6-8 dark plums ( as big as a lemon and not the small ‘cherry size’ variety I have seen in India during my childhood) into small chunks and discard the fruit pits. Squeeze one orange and pour the juice to a medium size sauce pot , along with fruit chunks and 3 ½ to 4 cups of sugar ( varies depending on the natural sweetness of the fruits); throw in 5 whole cloves and 5 pices of flat cinnamon with around 1 inch length. Bring everything to a rolling boil and skim off the foam that accumulates on top. Continue this process in medium heat, stirring every now and then , until the the foam is reduced, fruits are cooked well and start to thicken a bit. At this stage start mashing the fruit chunks with a potato masher or with the back of a wooden spoon; for the latter you need to use some of your elbow grease. The whole process of simmering and thickening will take about 40-60 minutes and towards the end, add 1-2 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice and simmer for another 5 minutes and turn off the stove. In case, the taste of lemon juice is over powering, you may add a drizzle of honey and stir for another 1-2 minutes before turning off the stove (I did). Before ladling the warm jam into sterized jars, remove the whole spices with a fork . I noticed that the jam thickens as it cools, so stop at a consistency where the mixture is still a bit loose in texture. Store in an airtight jar and refrigerate.

Will I make it again? Sure! Perhaps during the next season!

Thanks again for being patient with me and for keeping this place alive by your occasional visits :) I will try to keep this page active though the frequency of the posts might not be the same as earlier!


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  1. long time! nice to see u back with something sweet!

  2. Welcome back Shn! Missed your posts for a long time. Nice to see you back. The peach n plum jam looks awesome! Great shot as usual :) I love jam with toasted bread and wish I could have it now!

  3. First things good to see you back were missed badly..!!Lovely dish for a comeback post:).The jam-dripping photo looks terrific:)

  4. Hey welcome back! I dropped by once in a while to check if you posted anything new, as my feed reader has been overflowing lately and I couldn't keep track! :)

  5. welcome back! madiyokke mariyalle.. :)

  6. Just incase you don't remember, I was one among those who mailed you. I am really really glad you are back. Do visit my baby blog when you get time :D Jam needless to say looks yumm! :)

  7. Mish,Inspite of all those updates in my blog,noticed yours and rushed jus read something from you..even yesterday was thinking about you..Very happy that you are back..
    Jam look awesome..

  8. Thulasy Mary ElizabethJuly 13, 2009 at 11:43 PM

    Oh! At last you are back......I used to look into your blog for your comeback whenever I read blogs and yesterday I was again looking for a receipe for tofu here as I found zucchini thoran recepie from your site.Thanks a lot mishmash for coming out from your long silence and happy to see you again......I won't me making the jam but so happy to see you back.

  9. im so glad ur back..hugs..:)and I missed u

  10. hurrah!!!nice to see your writing again!!;-)

    Well great to start with a jam to break with the traffic jam of a blogger mind...

    btw i dont see any dent at all in your photography skills...Jam looks really appetizing...

  11. Hi Shn,

    Great to see you back after sooo long..I was expecting the Muringakka pic when the opened the blog this morning,but got a surprise when i saw the jam post!!! Keep blogging..waiting for more superb recipies.

  12. Hello Shn, nice to see you after a long time! How have you been doing?


  13. Hi,

    Everyday I used to visit your blog in anticipation of an interesting new recipe.. but everyday I returned empty handed... great to have u back.. keep rolling out delcious dishes... looking forward to it always.


  14. Nice to see u back after 3 months of hiatus. Trust all is well with you. U take care n God bless.



  15. hi mishmash,

    The picture is so inviting that I would love to make the jam as soon as I leave my desktop. But unfortunately, I am so far away from my kitchen that I cannot make it immedeately. The jam is so wonderfully simple, don't you need to add all those preservatives? If not, then it is good for children(especially, for those who hate the sight of fersh fruits.)

  16. Hey! you are back?? Wowie!!! I'm really glad to see you back in action Shn!!! Ah! I was more interested in commenting rather than reading your post today! Been tired seeing the muringakka curry pic all this while!! YAY for you!!!

    But I must say that the jam looks delish!! :)

  17. Welcome back!! me? I have been following your blog since ages, me too started blogging few months back:) love your recipes and gorgeous clicks, so very well presented!!!! Plum and peach jam looks delicious!

  18. yaaayyyyyyyyy...mishmash's back!!!!

  19. Good to see you back with a sweet something. Looks like you haven't forgotten all that much about photography! :)

  20. Wooooww....what a pleasant sweet surprise.Welcome back shn.was missing u....the pic looks awesome as usual....

  21. hey welcome back :) We missed you so badly..
    This weekend when my friends cam down, I tried your prawns recipe and they all liked it so much. Your fame is spreading to non-bloggers too :)

  22. Hey shn so happy to see u back. You were really missed .
    A nice come back with a great recipe and fantastic pic!!

  23. Hi...
    just found your blog some days back... It looks really beautiful. You have done a great job with everything! Will surely visit often now... I started blogging myself some time ago..take care

  24. Hi shn, great to see you back in action. Hope you are doing well :-)

  25. Nice to see you back Shn!


  26. Was wondering if you were in India by any chance, seeing the lull in the blog.

    The photos look bingo as usual !


  27. I am so glad that you are back... Your recipes always turn out great for me.. When I used to make beef, it was never good.. But when I followed your recipe, now my husband is quite happy when i make beef.. :-) Also, I tried the pappadam chammanthi and was an instant hit in my house....

  28. We have so much peaches from our peach tree and I was wondering what to do with it. Your Peach and Plum Jam gave me some ideas on what I am going to do with it. My sister made some pickles with the not so riped one and it came out pretty good. Almost taste like Mango pickle.

  29. Oye Chech..Welcome back :).Was suprised to see the new update..This melody looks superb :)

  30. Good to see you getting back to blogging. Peach and plum...hmmm..i won't have thought of that combo..looks delish.

  31. So good to see you back.

  32. Thanks a lot Shn..for writting again.Actually I was a frequent reader of your blog and your recipes were great help for me.when you stopped it was really please dont stop..

  33. wow - the jam is divine!

  34. welcome back Shn.... good to see you back in blog world

  35. Hi,

    Its been so good to see you after so long. I tried 'chicken roast'kuttanadan, and it came out so well. Thank you so much for the secret magic masala also. It was great to eat with that nadan taste. And pleaaaaaaase do not vanish in between.. your blogs are being awaited for ...

    thanks and regards

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  37. Nags, I actually didn't realise it until i read ur message...i mean the sweet part ;)

    Pooja, thank you :) should I send a bottle? ;)

    Navami, thx!

    Divya, there's always some warmth in ur comments that makes the other person feel very special...thx :)

    Sig,sooo very nice of you to do that....will mail u :)

    Seena, I owe u a mail...njan marannittilla , udane ayakkam :)

    My Experiments..., by now u know that i havent forgotten u :)

    Ann, ayyo....thx...thx...ethrakkum veliya compliments thannu enne spoil cheyyalle .:)) masala dosa eni undo? :)

    Thulasy, that was such a sweet message.... a handful of readers like you is enough to keep this page active and give me the required nudge here and then ..thx :)

    Jina, thank you so much dear :)

    mathew, heheh....traffic :))

    Prathibha, thanks !

    Rachana, lol....even i got bored seeing that pic....:)) thx for dropping my!

    Seema, thx.

    Musical, re u?? Am good, sweetheart :) hugs to u too

    Rekha, thx a lot for visiting ....quite happy to know that u enjoy this page....i read ur blog...keep writing , there 's some charm in your style :)

    Twinsy, thank you...yeah, am good....thx a lot for such a warm note !

    Zerin, ever since i started making jam, i have never added preservatives...infact lemon juice works as a preservative i guess...also i make only a small batch which I it always stays good..why dont u give it a try?

    Ria, heheh...yeah this time I'm back :D me too got really sick seeing the same old pic...:)) thx!

    parita, thx for coming of your mask finally and leaving a couple lines here....i did check out your blog, quite impressive...need time to go through in detail...i will be there often :)best wishes...

    Fathima, :))

    Aparna, hmm...that's reassuring...thx :)

    Shabs, thanks a lot...was there in your page two days back...had to leave without commenting....just wanted to let you know that you ve a treasure house of some long forgotten recipes....:)

    Mini, thx :)

    Dhanya. hey, how come i am not able to access your page..? enne purathakkiyathano..?? pinne, a recipe is only a framework...magic is in the chef's pls take some credit for happy to know that you and ur friends were happy with that dish :)

    nands, thanks a lot :)

    kaya, thx a lot for dropping by and leaving your feedback...I will check out ur page soon :)

    Sunita, yes I am , how ve u been? :)

    Reena, thx!

    Pramod, hmm..I wish I were in india that time!! :(

    Praveen, thx :)

    Elizabeth, thanks a bunch for your lovely feedback..i am so glad that the recipes featured here are working out for you...enjoy cooking and eating too :)

    Digit, pickles! I wish I could taste it!!!

    Sijo, mm...aa muringakka padam maatiyekkam ennu karuthee :P

    Pravs, u re the one who encouraged me to first try out a jam recipe from ur blog...thx so much for that, else I wouldnt have know what I ve been missing out :)

    Swapna, thx :)

    Praveen/Kiron, very happy to see you here.....will try to keep the page active :)

    maninas, than you :)

    SV, helllo re's been few days since I checked ur blog...will drop by soon :)

    Rekha, thanks again for a lovely comment....happy to get such a feedback.great to know that you enjoyed the dish :)


  38. Just tried out this today and its a great hit afraid only half has actually made it to the jar...Thks n do keep posting...


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