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Mango Sorbet with Mango Sauce- For the love of Mango!

Somewhere I read that mangoes are the “food of Gods”. Wonder how lucky Gods are!! They can have this luscious and succulent fruit every day!!! And from my experience, this is the only fruit that can bring some sort of silent competition on the dining table, in our family. I have noticed this silent phenomenon with my parents, my brother and CJJ…. whenever a plate of ripe mangoes are diced and served, suddenly everyone on the table gets into a competitive mode and tries to fork the maximum number of pieces…. at that time it’s like a 100 meter sprint :) If I dust my memory board, there are lots of mango memories but the one floating on top is that of a mango tree that used to be center of attention in our front yard. The tree used to yield hundreds of unbelievably big mangoes, as big as a pineapple (yeah..I’m exaggerating a bit there ;) but we never got to eat atleast one as by the time it is ripe, and even before we could lay our hands on ‘em, all the worms and bees would have tasted it !! My parents tried using all sorts of pesticides but it was as though someone had cast an evil spell on it ! My mother even succumbed to all those superstitious belief that if one gets up early in the morning and shouts at the tree and beats the tree with a broomstick, then it will yield good mangoes next year! Hilarious, isn’t it ?? But yes, my poor mother did that and I don’t know whether the tree got scared of all the beating or we got lucky, we started getting atleast 4-5 edible mangoes every year, untouched by the worms and bees and they used to taste divine !! But two years back the inevitable happened, it was axed down.

This recipe is one of my favorite desserts as the basic ingredient is the sweet and yummy mango puree. I got this recipe from a true friend of mine, SM, who is an excellent cook and she never fails to impress me with her crowd-pleasing appetizers and desserts. And whenever I have served this dessert, I have been asked to share the recipe too. So thought I will share it with you all :)

Ingredients for Mango Sorbet:
  • 1 cup canned Mango Puree/Pulp
  • 2-4 tbsp powdered sugar OR to taste
  • 1 egg white
Ingredients for Mango Sauce:
  • ½ cup canned Mango Puree/Pulp
  • 3tbsp heavy cream
  • 2-3 tbsp powdered sugar
To make Mango Sorbet: Using the double boiler method, cook egg whites for 2 minutes, continuously whipping them. Mix this with mango puree/pulp and sugar, using a hand mixer, for 1-2 minutes and freeze it for 1 hour and again take it out and blend well with a hand mixer and keep it back in the freezer atleast for 4-6 hours or until it is frozen.

To Make Mango Sauce: Using a hand mixer, blend the mango puree/pulp, sugar and cream for 1-2 minutes and refrigerate for 12-24 hours before serving.

Serving Tips: Mango sorbet can be frozen in ice cube trays or any individual moulds. It can also be frozen in a small flat pan and use cookie cutters to make the shapes you want. While using cookie cutters, coat its sides with some butter or shortening so it’s easier to pull off the sorbet. Mango sauce can be either poured on top or to make it look a bit appealing to your guests, it may be drizzled or piped on the dessert plate by using a pastry bag; an alternative to pastry bag is using plastic bags, filled with mango sauce and push them to one corner and snip off a bit from that corner, to make a small hole and then squeeze the sauce and make any design of your choice.

Variations: The same mango sauce cane be used on a dollop of ice cream and it does give that extra ‘kick’ to your ice cream :)

A word of caution: Half cooked or uncooked egg is not recommended in general and for pregnant women in particular. Hence I personally do not suggest serving this to pregnant women, since the recipe calls for only double boiling the egg whites. Though uncooked egg whites are often used in mousse and meringues, the US Food & Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise against eating any raw egg in any form. Read more here.

This is my entry for the blog event AFAM, guest hosted by Deepa and Meeta’s Monthly Mingle –Spring is in the Air.

Barbara of WinosAndFoodies is hosting a blog event, A TASTE OF YELLOW, to raise awareness of cancer in connection with the LIVESTRONG DAY and this is my entry towards a good cause. Read more about the event here.

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  1. wow mishmash nice writeup!
    the sorbet looks delicious yumm and color outstands! love it. i hope i can make something for Deepa's AFAM. AS soon as i buy mangoes it goes missing from my fruit basket.:)

  2. Wow Shn, you won't believe it, but I was thinking of making mango pudding and using a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut it out... I even thought of the mint sprig exactly the way you placed, and chocolate sauce on the plate was the only difference in my mental picture... I just screamed when I saw this picture, siv came running to see whats going on. :D
    Simply gorgeous, what can I say great minds think alike :)

  3. A nice post and awesome picture. Viji

  4. Can just imagine your mom standing under the tree and beating it with a broomstick! I heard a similar superstition about garlic - and tried it and it worked - apparently, if you put it out in the moonlight on Holi night, it won't rot.

  5. Wow ,it is looking so lovely.Nice presentation Shn :)The photo is really too good .The taste has to be good too :)
    But can we omit the egg white all together?

  6. Hahaha...... I was just visualising your mom standing there and beating the tree....... hahahaha

    The pic looks gorgeous!!!!!!

  7. mishy, that is such a beautiful presentation. love it!! mango is definitely the king of spring.

    these days too much telepathy going on in blog world. i thought of olan for O and saw sig and bee posted the same though i couldn't post on time :)). now i thought of mango sorbet for afam and find here and at bee's:)) and even sig thought of it.

  8. Love your classic post.Awesome pics:),wonderful selection:)thanx for sharing,Shn.

  9. Hi,
    Neat presentation!!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Beautiful presentation, Shn!

  11. Excellent with heart shape!!Love love love it!:)Beautiful.Thanks shn,hugs for a great Summer treat.Just waiting for summer now.

  12. hey good mangoes :D
    Miss mangoes back home..miss the competition, the fun, different things made with mangoes...hmmm :((

  13. Beautiful presentation Shn, you are an artist.
    So sad to hear about the tree. When I was growing up, we had a big mango tree in our backyard too but I think we had more of the "kachcha" green ones than the ripe ones, because of the neighbourhood young boys who would steal most of the mangoes during the hot afternoons

  14. i was so surprised to see you posting a dish so similar to mine, i forgot to say how beautiful it is.

  15. Wow,would be a crime to eat something so for mangoes...well, the heart still longs for those summer delights...

  16. I am ROFL imagining your mom shouting at the tree!!! Mangoes always bring memories of my native place - the mango tree in the backyard..... I'm off to munch on some mangoes now!! :)
    Btw, the pepper fish write up was great.... almost like me and my hubby were the characters :)

  17. Aww..Mangoes! It is something that we enjoyed a lot as kids. Still...I can live just by eating mangoes. :D
    You made the sorbet look sooo pretty.

  18. WOW! What an incredible delight. I love it. I am so happy you are bringing this along to the MM!

  19. Delicious looking Mango Sorbet Shn... Its just Perfect what else can I say.

    Hope you would participate in Monthly cooking tipology deadline is 15th May

  20. Hi Shn,

    Wonderful presentation....i loved every inch in that snap.:))

    Mango sorbet sound gr8 and yummy.

  21. Sorbet looks cuteeee..Mishmash,I prepared manga pulissery to post..Ur picts are really nice.

  22. Wow that is beautiful mishmash. I love the presentation. Thank you for supporting A Taste Of Yellow.

  23. ROFL....My mother even succumbed to all those superstitious belief that if one gets up early in the morning and shouts at the tree and beats the tree with a broomstick, then it will yield good mangoes next year! ha ha ha... my god!!! it certainly reminded me of a very large mango trees with 'pineapple' sized mangoes:) even we had bad luck with those mangoes as we hardly got to eat them when they were ripened. sometime i wonder is it just me or everyone who can relate to ur stories and feel like u r narrating my stories of childhood:D
    need i say how wonderful sorbet looks? shn, i am tired of telling how beautifully u present each and every dish;) hugs to u girl:)

  24. i love the presentation Shn. mango is certainly in the air... it's that time of the year. great entry for a great cause.

  25. Gorgeous! gorgeous!!! From the photos to the recipe I like every bite of it!

  26. Hey, am a first timer to your blog.... lovely presentation and a gr8 job with the pics!!! :)

  27. What are you doing to me girl?! Mango sorbet is my favourite dessert!

    Lovely, lovely presentation. I enjoyed the memories about your mom and the mangoes.

    You can never offer my mom one mango to eat, there must be at least 3. She says that one mango will only stain her mouth; 3 woud fulfill all her desires for it :)

  28. hi ur mango sorbet is soo tempting...nice shape and colorful pic...thanks for sharing..

  29. Man you have an amazing presentation. such creativity. Awesome! I am awestruck.

  30. What a stunning presentation, Shn! Truly! You've given me a tasty and beautiful way to use up more of my mangoes--thanks!

  31. Wonderful presentation Shn. heart shaped Mango sorbet with mango sauce makes my heart melt....lovely entry for the AFAM.

  32. Wonderful presentation Shn. heart shaped Mango sorbet with mango sauce makes my heart melt....lovely entry for the AFAM.

  33. Beautiful pictures and presentation, Shn. I am hooked! My my, i just feel like raching out and having some sorbet. Gorgeous, stunning.....ah! no adjectives can describe that picture!

    Spellbound :)

  34. Yuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Where do u live?

  35. shn,fixed that post and added two more of latest (last year's) photos.It's on the sidebar too(MeMe) to make it easier to get there!:)

  36. Hi Shn, your mango dessert looks superb! I love how you presented it too -- so colorful! Thanks for sharing this :)

  37. Wow!! Wonderful , delicious, yummy :) what else to say. Nice pics mishmash.

  38. Gorgeous. Saw your post in Meeta's MM. Mangoes are wonderful. I am waiting for the Alphonso to show up any day here in the U.S. My husband will get the ice-cream maker out a few weeks early for this one.

  39. Dear Shn,

    Wishing you a very Happy Mothers day


  40. fantastic dessert...great presentation...looks like the food of gods for sure...~smile~...thanks for sharing...

  41. Roopa, yeah..mangoes are irresistible :) Btw, I am not able to go to your page!

    Bee, hmm...looks like lots of telepathy happening in the blogosphere these days and hey, thanks for dropping by second time to appreciate the dessert and leave a comment :)

    Sig,U did make me laugh in the middle of the night girl...I was picturising you sitting infront of the sys and screaming and Siv rushing to the scene :))))yes, yes great minds think alike ;)

    Vcuisine, Thanks and Welcome to Mishmash!

    Sra, ohh...thats a new piece of info dear...btw, I dont buy too much of this problem never occurs to me :)

    Archana, the taste is quite addictive, especially of you are a mango lover :) I dont suggest omitting the egg white fully, I recommend using some egg white substitutes instead.

    Coffee, guess what, reading that my parents were also laughing out loud :D refreshing their memories :) Thank you so much !

    Reena, yes dear...way too much of telepathy :)thanks for the appreciations :)Try it as its an easy one and tasty too :)

    Bharathy, Thanks a lot :)

    Menu Today, Thank you and welcome to Mishmash!

    Vani, hey thanks 've you been?

    Asha, Hope you try sure your kids will also love this...taste is quite yummy :)

    Pravs, ohh...did I make you think of all that good ole days and make you sad ?

    Sandeepa, ohhhhhh....I am flattered !! Blushing ...blushing..:) hey, when you mentioned about those neighborhood boys stealing the mangoes, it reminded me off our scenario, but in our case, those boys used to steal the jambakka!

    Sunita, thanks dear...hope you try this one...and I assure you, you will like it for sure :)

    Jyothsna, hahah...nice to hear that you did loosen up your facial muscles reading my notes. Btw, Hows your exams going?

    RP, thanks dear...I agree with you, During my hostel days in Chennai, somedays mangoes used to be my lunch or dinner..and those were huge mangoes:)

    Meeta, Glad you liked it. Thanks :)

    Sushma, Thanks dear...hey want to contribute but dont have any great tips to share :)

    Usha, Oh...Its so nice to hear that...thans a ton :)

    kitchenfairy, manga pulisseryy...hmm...enne kothippikkan orungi irangiyekkuvanalle :))

    Barbara, thanks for accepting my entry and I am so glad to hear those words of appreciation :)

    Sia, you are not alone dear, some others have also mentioned similar stories after reading my posts....looks like some of us have some common experience which help us connect better,,,isn't it good ?:)thanks...thanks...thanks...I am also tired of saying thanks to all your appreciations :))

    Mandira, Thanks dear :) Try and make will enjoy it for sure :)

    Gattina, ohh...dearie...thanks so much :)

    Ramya, thanks a lot. Welcome to Mishmash!:)

    Cynthia, heheh....I did laugh out loud reading your comment.,...Your mother is a very sensible woman dear...she is absolutely right :)Thanks a loooot!

    Shanti Banu, Thank you and let me welcome you to Mishmash!

    Sharmi, thankssss :)))))

    Susan, ohh..I am so happy to get such a comment. Thank you and hope you try this :)

    Prema Sundar, nice of you...thank you :)

    Musical, hold on dear..I cant take all that compliments at a stretch :)) Do try it, and dont blame me when you get addicted to it :)Thanks for dropping by!

    Manasi, wanna come over ? :)

    Linda, thanks a lot dear :)

    Marriedtodesi, it tastes delicious too..try it for yourself :)

    Just for fun, thanks so muchhh :)

    Susan,thanks for dropping by :) Well..alphonso...they are out of the world !!

    Susha, I hope to enjoy this day sometime in the future :P

    Jeena, Sure, I will drop by. Thanks for visiting my space :)

    Dilip, hahah...that was a good one..thank you, Sir :)


  42. Woww!!!looks yummy...and very nice presentation :-)

  43. This is mind blowing.So cute little heart..Lovely colr and a must try list recipe.Thanks for sharing

  44. WoW....This is really awesome work....I love it....

  45. Hey Shn,
    Instead of canned mango puree , can we use ripe mangoes..where do you get the canned product?

  46. Hi Shaheen,

    I particularly like the recipe of the mango sauce. I want to serve it along with vanilla ice creaam as a dessert for a party. Should i just follow the same recipe



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