Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm Back With A Virtual Haircut For You !!

Was the title tricky enough to bring you here ?? :) Well, you will not be disappointed, trust me! I was winding up the kitchen this evening after our dinner and I heard CJJ laughing out loud, sitting in front of the computer, with his headphones on, which is a very rare sight and after almost 2-3 minutes, I found myself giggling too!!! If you are curious and wondering what made us laugh and made me post this, go ahead and grab your headphone and listen to this cool and awesome digital surround sound clipping. DO NOT USE SPEAKERS and spoil the fun. For a second, think you are sitting on your barbershop chair and close your eyes and get ready for this Virtual Barbershop! It's surreal....Let me know what you think :)

Well, I am also sharing my all time favorite picture from our photo album. Whenever I look at this picture, it brings smiles on my face. Could anyone suggest a funny caption for this please ? :)

On another note, I did miss you all in the past few days......that virtual friendship....those funny comments we exchange......and ofcourse those great recipes and tantalizing pictures. Thank you all for checking on me. I am back and recipes, accompanied by stories and pictures, will follow as usual :)

Have a great weekend ahead!

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  1. Great to see you back Shn! oh i will check the virtual haircut later dear am at work now :0. That picture looks really very interesting would love to hear more about it :)

  2. "They're late with my fish (supper) again -- it's so hard to get good help these days" ;)

    Do tell the story behind the photo when you get time -- happy to see you back, Shn :)

  3. Ha! ha! ha!

    Caption for you picture-

    Shamu to the other guy: Who is Mishy? I am her trainer for the day.

  4. That's laughing out loud funny Shn.:) and I really needed one today. So thanks.:)

  5. ayyooo ente mudi!!!
    oh ivide thanne undalle, njan pedichu poyi. :)

  6. Will check out the haircut later, but the photo is cute. Caption.... Anything fishy ?

  7. Shn the haircut is so cool!I kept turning back to check if I was dreaming and there is really someone:)thank you for posting!

  8. oh glad to see u back:) missed ur sunday posts and was wondering how long u will be away from blogging:)
    virtual haircut? sounds interesting...looks like its blocked in my will check it later...

  9. Nice to see you back SHN.
    Cute picture!

  10. I can't think of a caption...too early. :(

  11. YAY!! Mishmash is back!!;D



  12. Good to see you back w/ such a lovely post!!!! Will wait for more :)

  13. Omg, felt as if my hair was actually being clipped off...good one...nice to have you back...

  14. I could only hear it dribs and drabs so I gave up! And am at a loss for words - clicking on the picture didn't enlarge it

  15. thats a real good one. esp. the sound of the scissors.

  16. OMG Shn... thanks for that link... :) It was amazing! I literally jumped when he whispered in my ears.... too cool.... And the haircut itself, man... I love it.... :)

  17. good to see u back!
    hey! ur virtual barbar shop was too good.....

  18. You always do things with a bang huh? That virutal haircut is funny but creepy! Loved it.

    Can't wait to share it with my Radio Production students.

    Missed you and glad that you are back. Albeit, more wicked :)

  19. hi
    nice pic. i think i missed ur virtual haircut.Now it is not working.

  20. Is that a sea lion or a person in a sea lion suit? What a cool photo!!

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  21. Thats funny.... what abt the photo..

  22. Roopa, hmm....blogging from work, huh? just kidding :) Thanks, there is no story behind that was taken at Sea World :)

    Linda, hahha...that was a good one for sure, dear :) Thanks a lot. Btw, it was part of a show at Sea World and just happened to click a photo at the right time :)

    Reena,no dear...thats not Shamu....thats a Sea lion...anyway quite smart of you to sweep in my name into it :D

    Indira, Thanks You:) You visit and comment meant a lot to me!

    RP, hehehhe....RP de karyam...ethokke vaayicha enganeya chirikkathe erikka..? :) Eshtapettallo...santhoshayee :)

    Archana...hehhe...thanks dear,,,,hope you could play the audio clip!

    Deepak, Thank you and welcome to Mishmash!

    Sumitha, too...but in between I cheated...I opened my eyes to see if everything was ok :P

    Sia, blogging is quite addictive dear...and I am still in the honey-moon cant be away for long....:) Btw, could you listen to the clipping? If not, you should...its hilarious...:)

    Trupti, hahha...need some warm up early morning huh? :) Thanks dear...

    Asha,hehehhe...I did like that one .....had a good laugh in the morning :)

    Ramya, Thanks so much!

    Sunita, so happy to learn that you guys enjoyed...When they used the trimmer, I also felt the same :)

    Sra, oh...cant figure out what's still working... was really good,isn't it? pass it on to your friends sure everyone will enjoy this !

    Sig, hahahha....yes dear, it was awesome...I also felt somewhat strange when he whispered....that was quite an unexpected move:)

    Suganya, Glad you enjoyed it :)

    Nanditha, thanks dear..:)

    Cynthia, No bangs...I am a simple, innocent girl :P I wont scare you for sometime :D

    Prajusha, yes, it is still working....try again, it must have been some problem with the connection !

    Ari, it is a sea lion only :)

    Prema, thank you !


  23. wow..virtual Barber shop..too good..brilliant i should say..

  24. Beautiful spread. Quite colorful.


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