Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pineapple Jam……

At this time of the year, someone who sits under a snow mountain and skates to the parking lot, instead of walking on the ice, should be talking about stirring a pot of soup rather than simmering a pan of jam. But when the last bottle of homemade jam was also polished off, I had only two options, either to buy a bottled one from the store or make a fresh batch of jam even if that meant using fruits that are not in season. Once you relish the taste of homemade fruit preserves, it is not all that easy to go back to store bought ones. As someone who grew up on Kissan Jams and Amul Butter, CJJ ‘s choice was to go for Pineapple Jam .

A quick search on the web took me to a divine looking pineapple jam at Chop Chop A to Z and I knew immediately that it’s the recipe I was looking for. The addition of spices made it all the more charming. I followed her recipe and method with a slight difference to suit CJJ’s preferences; instead of using minced pineapple I pureed the fruit to get a spreadable consistency. Also whole spices were used (around 4 cloves and 4 tiny pieces of cinnamon for half a pound of pineapple) in lieu of powdered spices and they were removed with a fork, before bottling the jam. Quantity of sugar needs to be adjusted based on the natural sweetness of the fruit.

Thank you, Van for sharing the recipe for such a tasty aromatic goodness :) It is indeed a dab of gold on the toast!


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