Sunday, November 18, 2007

How about using hand crafted gum paste flowers as centerpiece?

Let me make a quick post today, with a quick question :) How about using hand crafted gum paste flowers as centerpiece? Gum paste is a popular medium among confectioners and cake designers for making long lasting decorations such as fancy flowers, leaves, ribbons et al. They are much preferred for their versatility and flexibility. I have played with this medium a couple of times and recently, I was trying my luck with orchids using gum paste; though it did not look as perfect as those in the reference pictures I had, I thought it would look good if I place it in a flower vase on our dining table rather than using it for cake decoration, as this way, they adorn our table everyday and I did notice a tinge of curiosity in the eyes of some of our guests , so I guess such gum paste decorations work not only on cakes but as tabletops too. Check out the orchids below.

Hand made flowers using gum paste look majestic especially on a fondant covered cake and is widely used for tiered wedding cakes. Somehow, personally I do not enjoy the taste of fondant and hence whenever I make cakes for our friends, I prefer using butter cream but do use gum paste flowers for decorations. This buttercake below is layered with fresh raspberry filling, frosted with butter cream, and decorated with cornelli lace work and shell borders and topped with hand crafted flowers using gum paste.

I am unable to share the recipes here since the butter cake and butter cream recipes were taken from another website which is now a paid site!

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