Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Food Styling: Behind the Scenes! Some updates too…….

Hi All…..Thanks for checking on me ! I am very much in good spirits…Last week, my brain sent a request for vacation days off and could not deny since ‘she’ has been doing a good job so far :) Currently ‘she’ is chilling out, and ‘she’ will be back by beginning of next week :)

Well, I have given an update on my last post, Hot Crostini and one on Fish Curry-Central Kerala Style, as many have been asking for the pictures of Kudam Puli/Gamboge. I have uploaded a pic, followed by a small note on the same. Please check both.

On another note, ever wondered how they manage to get that “cheese pull” shot on a pizza, or a juicy steak, or a well groomed burger with its lettuce leaf and tomato slices looking like neatly stacked up books? Here’s some ‘interesting’ links I came across recently……..though one cannot make any judgements based on these links or generalize the information, it’s definitely worth for a light read : P
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