Thursday, December 2, 2010

For you Little King……for your duckie love!

Your eyes sparkled everytime you saw that yellow little thing with orange beak on the diaper caddy…

Your third word was “du..dda” and you blushed with excitement everytime you got it right….

You woke up from nap saying “du..dda” and you had the winning smile again that melted my heart ….

I wanted to see that same twinkle in your eyes and blush on your cheeks one more time last week when we were getting ready to celebrate our 365 days of happiness with you….

Challenging my own skills, I tried to make a replica of your favourite yellow bath toy with orange beak but at the end of it I was in the depth of despair, looking at the shapeless object that was not even close to what I had envisioned…..

And then your eyes fell on that yellow little thing I created........ you looked at it and said “ du..DDa..” and you said it again……..and two seconds later, your head fell on my chest with a blush, with a smile……………………!!!

My precious sweet little pea, I was beaming with joy, shouting with excitement ……you brought sparkle in my eyes …….you melted my heart one more time ……!

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  1. Awww...what a nice post! Happy Birthday to the little one and congrats to the proud parents for one year of successful parenting!

    And you ought to give yourself lot more credit than that, lady! That ducky looks perfect! :)

    (I have a 7 month old little pea and I am secretly harboring the dreams of baking her first b'day cake myself, but I think I will stick to a safe chocolate cake :D)

  2. hey mishmash, How shweeet!! loved the cake, loved the post and how I wish I could see your little king. Wishing a very happy birthday to the cutie pie and a very happy day to a very devoted mom..
    take care and warm regards

  3. I am so glad for you...I can understand what the feeling is when you try hard and actually manage to bring a smile on your child's face. Lotsa love to the Little Prince - Happy Bday Son!!

  4. Glad to see your back

  5. Happy B'day to the sweet lil King :)

  6. Oh my chech!
    That was simply superb one :)

  7. Happy 1st Little King. You are lucky to have such a great Mom :)

  8. That was a touching piece of write up.... all the best...... Belated Birthday wishes for your son and let the happiness in your family be there for ever...

  9. Happy birthday to the little bundle of joy

  10. You have done such an amazing job with that ducky, I mean I don't even have words to describe it. Superb.

  11. Well done!! That's one cute duck. Best wishes for the little one!!

  12. Awwww....Is he a year already?
    Wow, time flies..
    Happy Birthday from this 'young' aunty and kisses to the lil king.:)
    The dudda just looks fine. You are a perfectionist my friend!

  13. hey why did you make it so simple? you could have decorate its edges! looks so plain.....

  14. your write up brought tears to my eyes...and what a beautiful creation

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  16. Sajitha, thanks for such a sweet message :) am sure u will gain courage and bake a cake for your sweet lil one..:)

    Rekha, thanQ thanQ , friend:)

    Andy, you re so sweet..! thanks for such a lovely message :)

    Anon, :)

    Dhanya, thx dear :) how re u?

    Sijo, dankzz :)

    Sandeepa, I am going to frame ur message and show it to him when he is in his teens :D

    Asha, oh..thank you for all ur good wishes....:)

    Sindhu..thank you :)

    Priya, thx for being so guys re just great !

    Apu, thanks a lot :)

    Jina, oh you re so sweet..always :) yeah he is growing up at rocket speed!!

    Anon, yeah u re right, i felt the same too...had more plans..but after a hectic few days and a couple of food related mishaps, with the energy and time I had that night, CJJ easily convinced me to change my plans and go for the simplest.. yet i do feel i should 've added more colour to the fondant but was scared to do so, as i was working in room light ,quite late at night..thx for being very honest :) I hope I would be more organised next year!:)

    Anon, :) i don;t know what to say!


  17. Happy B'Day Little King :)
    du.dda is very cute

  18. happy b'day to lil one - is his b'day on the 2nd? my daughter's bday on 2nd dec as well!!!

  19. That was a lovely post! and is he one already?! Time just flies!

  20. Shn,
    I was thinking about you and your lil king last evening and that's when I realised he must be a year old now! So I made up my mind that the first thing I'll do today is to check your blog! And there you go...

    It's a beautiful cake!


  21. Hey, thanks for bringing me those wonderfull memories of Kainakery we are Srilankans actualy my father from kerala born and grew up in Kainakery settled down in Srilanka used to take us to his native village Kainakery, when i was a small boy , infact his family house was called Koithara House once again thankyou,,,,Eapen

  22. Happy Birthday to your Little King...BTW you forgot the receipe....:)

  23. Hello Mishmash!

    Wow! Happy Birthday to the lucky boy.. That cake looks perfect! Especially a cute yellow ducky on the top! Perfecto!

    TC and warm regards!

  24. Nish, thanks :)

    Rajani, thank you:) No, he 's a november baby..i was late in posting it here;)

    Ann, thanks :) where re you ve u been?

    Fathima, yes, he is growing up fast! :)

    Ria, so sweet of you:) Btw, i was thinking of u as well:)you can subscribe to the feed, if u havent already;)

    Eapen, that was so nice of you to leave a message here...I am so happy this post took you back to those days.....and my husband was saying he has heard about ur family name...

    TME, thank you...cake recipe, tahts a long sad story:(

    Divya, thank you:)

    Bindu, thank you dear:)

    Jasa, thx for being so generous with your words...very nice of you..thx for dropping by :)


  25. Happy Birthday to ur little one....what a lovely post....and that cake is not fact, it looked really classy to me :-D
    Love n hugs to the birthday boy!

  26. Awww...what a cute little cake, and happy birthday to your little one!

  27. Hi Anon1,

    It is not my place to reply to your comment and I don't even know who you are.
    But with all my due respect, please give credit to this girl who has baked a beautiful home made cake decorated with something he loves, for her son's 1st B'day.

    The cake looks wonderful and her son loved it, I am sure. Period.

    Shn, I am sorry and do not publish my comment if you feel it is inappropriate

  28. i knowz itz a bit late, but I did think of Little King. My daughter celebrated her 3rd on Nov 27th n though i dont know LK's date, i assumed it to be around 27th :) Happy Belated Bday to Dudda boy :) When r we gonna see u, CJJ, n LK? post a pic humble request :)

  29. Hi Shn..
    Though this is a belated post, my wishes to your little one on his birthday.. May God bless ur family.. The duckie you made is awesome.. i'm sure hez lucky to have you as Mom...QUACK QUACK :-)


  30. Lovely cake, the little duckie is perfect to the last detail. Would love to know more on how you sculpted it. Your photographs are amazing as well. Cool!

  31. Happy Birthday Kuttu ! This post did bring happy tears in my eyes, they grow up so fast, hold on to these wonderful days. And then Mrs.Mash you should be really proud about what you have done, that little ducky is as cute as it can be ! What a lovely cake !

  32. Belated b'day wishes to the LK! May God bless him!The cake looks beautiful!

  33. Today I was just thinking about my blogger friends and just opened 2,3 blogs...Some of my friends already locked their pages..Happy to see this cute and Wounderful cake!!Belated Birthday Wishes to sweet little King...Give hime one chakkara Umma on his cute lil fingers.

  34. this is the most beautiful posts I read in recent times Shn. How cute ;) I pictured the tiny little king saying 'du..dada', all the time I was reading this post.

    Wishing you & your loved ones a very Happy and Prosperous 2011 ahead.


  35. Sorry for the much belated wishes..hope you are having great time with the lil king..everything look so cute.


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