Thursday, December 9, 2010

Carrot Achaar / Pickled Carrots - Simple is Addictive.

Words seem to have deserted me……thoughts seem to have left the shore long time ago…..yet there is an honest desire to breathe some life into this space. I remember reading an article sometime back, about blogger's block and according to the author, one of the options to handle the crisis is to start writing and posting again even if they come out boring. Well, that sounds like a plan to me, if that’s what it takes to get this space rolling again ……to help me get back to my grooves!

Here’s a childhood favourite of CJJ’s….a very simple but dangerously addictive pickled carrots. This is the first time I made it, following my MIL’s instructions ; though I made it only this morning, I am already addicted! With country music playing in the background and my two boys swaying with Miranda Lambert’s .. I've been saved by the grace of Southern charm” , I picked up a couple of beautiful carrots and looking at them I felt it would be nice to bring in some style by peeling them into thin long ribbons. As I finished cooking, I loved the sight of orange ribbons speckled with black mustard seeds and slivers of ginger, garlic and green chillies, doused with pungent vinegar. Few hours later, I was a slave to those drunken orange ribbons ! Here’s the recipe for the easiest pickle I ‘ve ever made!

Ingredients: (Approx.)
  1. 2 big carrots, chopped/ thinly sliced /peeled to thin strips
  2. 1 tbsp ginger, thinly sliced
  3. 1 ½ - 2tbsp garlic, thinly sliced
  4. 6-9 green chilly, split lengthwise (adjust as per your taste)
  5. 2 tbsp Nallenna /Gingelly Oil or Sesame Oil
  6. 1 tsp mustard seeds
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Around ½ cup vinegar (Adjust as per strength)
  • Heat oil , on medium, in any shallow sauce pan, crackle mustard seeds and throw in ginger, garlic and green chillies; cook them for about one minute. Add the carrots, sprinkle some salt and blend gently; turn off the heat immediately. Pour Vinegar and mix well. Store in an airtight container.
  • You may serve this as a condiment for rice, flat breads or a sub sandwich or burger. One could even spruce up a plain veggie salad with some of this pickled carrot. Note: You may even throw in some thinly sliced beetroot along with carrots as suggested by MIL.

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  1. glad to cee u back,pickle looks so delicious,.

  2. Happy Birthday to you lil one! My daughter loves her bath duck too...and duck was one of her first words! I love watching all the new things she learns from time to time! Enjoy, kids grow up too soon!

  3. this sounds great..
    how have u been..mailed u awhile back but i think i have the wrong ID. whns ur next holiday to kochi?i am moving back to kochi..hope to catch up then!

  4. this is a seriouysly good recipe---it sure looks addictive, will try it out !

  5. Hi Shn...Carrot pickle looks so good and i too loved those thin carrot ribbons..and as you said, it as easy pickle to prepare :-)

  6. Looks awesome, can almost taste the tartness of the pickle. Ncie idea to do the ribbons.

  7. My mouth is watering already, but... I have been asked to ban pickles from my life. Been having it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as snacks in between. Finally my body has started protesting :-(
    Even then, I might just take a chance, it looks so yummy.

  8. wow, I can almost taste it, looks beautiful as well.

  9. i guess you are pregnant again! if so congrats.... or may be you are worrying about a great loss...if so I'm sorry!
    achaar in the morning :)!!! hmmmm....

  10. Carrot pickle sounds new to me...looks very tempting

  11. looks so yummy.. my favourite! really mouth watering..

  12. Perfect - I adore this kind of pickle!!

  13. Hi Mishmash,

    Nice and simple recipe...wanna try it badly..
    regarding your bloggers block issue, i have something to is just my hunch feelings...m not a blogger or anything of that sort myself...but on reading that u r facing a block,these are just my suggestions...
    Mishmash, i have noticed that for each and every recipe post, you are putting a lot of effort..which definitely is a good idea..each recipe comes with a story, some nostalgic memories,detailed recipe and tips and tricks(infact, u provide very detailed recipe instructions which are very useful for novices like me and thanks a lot for them..that makes u special)and not to forget the wonderful presentation and photos and the efforts behind them..m sure each post consumes some days from the time of birth in mind to being published..n u must be exhausted and relieved once it is over..each and every recipe must be engraved in your mind along with the story and pictures..those all are good and give you a wonderful creative outlet...but it causes an issue when facing situations like this...i can very well imagine how much the kids occupy our time,energy and life..not that m complaining...this is a phase and u should enjoy every bit of being with the li'l king..
    some ideas of overcoming this-it wouldnot have caused problems if you had allowed your daliy life to lead your blog..posting daily life,photos and some mundane things would be easy to get this going..but i understand u prefer to keep your life private and we respect that..
    so one another option is to take some pictures of your house or decorations or kids play area and post..or as you are in US, you can also post some decorations or surroundings pictures and post and write about them for us ...these posts will be easy and once you get over this phase you can resume your original style and write long posts..also you can consider having some quiet time for yourself on a daily basis and write then..
    very long tips...m myself exhausted!!somebody bring me a glass of water,pls

  14. the pic rocks Shn:) very simple and yum pickle!

  15. I made this yesterday and would like to tell all that this is a must-try recipe. Tastes different, and looks stylish on ur table :-)

  16. I'm not that much of a fan of pickles. But this is looking delicious :) n Carrot is one of my fav vegetables. So will try :)
    Btw me doing fine. Life has to move on na :)

  17. notyet100, thank u :)

    Jyotsna, thanks dear:) how ve u been? how old is ur lil one? 2 already ?

    S, i will mail u , or u can mail me at should deft'ly meet up next time when i come to kochi..coz i understand u re going to be a celebrity soon with all ur art shows :)

    Priya, yes it is :)

    Kairali Sis, do try, its great for gift boxes too:)

    Ann, thx dear :)Marry X'mas :)

    Bindu, Ouch! thats so bad:( may be u can reduce oil and vingear sure still it would taste wonderful...

    Priya, thank u :)

    Anon, hehehe...neither :))its just bloggers block and lack of inspiration and time...but i think i will get into a flow soon...:)

    Sharmilee, pls do give it a try..hardly takes 10 mts :)

    Kitchen Boffin, thanks alot..thanks for visiting this space:)

    Apu, :)

    Rose, u re so sweet! sorry forthe delays in responding to ur comment..and thx alot for taking time to write...yes, lots of time and effort is going behind this blog but it is not that laborious as you think, especially the regular posts...but yes , posts like onam sadya, kuttanadu visit etc do take several days and hours of work and yes i feel relieved after such posts...but others are all- cook , photograph , write and post types..but these days after an unanticipated break, i feel too lazy...lack of inspiration and time to collect and compose thoughts and yet as u wrote, this place is my creative outlet...need this going to keep my sanity intact :) i will recover soon...really appreciate u writing and being supportive...readers like u give me the nudge to go on..thank u for being there :)

    Sharmi, thx dear:)

    Bindu, oh thank uuu...hugs :) read ur feedback on arivada too...glad u tried both and liked happy to get ur feedback:)

    Fairy, what a sweet name :) thans a lot for visiting..hope u enjoyed my lil space...

    Dhanya, it is easy dhanya, would fit into ur kitchen time perfectly :) yes, u said so happy to hear from u...u re in my prayers every now and then :)


  18. Pickle was wonderful and a great hit with everyone at home.

  19. Tried this..It is so simple to make but very tasty..I am thinking of adding beetroot when I make the next batch

  20. Hi Shn,

    Going to try this today!!
    Thanks for the recipe!!

  21. I had posted a Radish version of this pickle in my blog... with a link to your original post. I don't know if that was as tasty as yours, but your post was a real help... As I said in my post, yours is one of my favorite sites and it will be an honor if you visit mine when you get time...
    Thanks for sharing this recipe...

  22. I forgot to give a link in my comment... Here is it


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