Sunday, September 16, 2007

Meat Rolls in White Sauce.

UPDATE : Meat Rolls "cooked" in White Sauce :)

Sushmita Sen OR Aishwarya Rai?

Brad Pitt OR Matthew McConaughey?

Halle Berry OR Scarlett Johansson?

Though some of us are very clear about our personal choices, it is complicated to really make a comparison between the two, isn’t it?

It’s same case with the Meat Cutlets (Indian meat croquettes) and the Meat Rolls cooked in white sauce!! Truly!! Though they look almost similar and can be deceptive to a great extent, both have a personality of their own…..….when meat cutlets are usually medium-spicy, meat rolls cooked in white sauce has a neutral taste for the reason that white sauce mellows down the flavour and heat of the spices
and the boiled mashed egg gives a texture that is completely different from the meat-loaded cutlets. Someone who tries to associate the taste of the meat cutlet with the similar object in the plate will be thoroughly disappointed at the first bite itself. Hence I suggest you giving a proper orientation to your target audience before serving this appetizer/snack.

This recipe was passed on to me by my mother who perhaps is more excited about my blog than the owner itself. Sometimes I wish she could start a blog of her own and share her passion for cooking and her wonderful recipes!! She not only shares her recipes with me, sometime she also suggests how I should present or garnish a dish!! And she competes with CJJ in giving constructive criticism of my work. Trust me, there were times I was forced to cook and photograph the same dish again and again just because one of these critics thought the onions were not pale enough or the gravy does not have the right consistency or the right colour!! And my mother like all the loving mothers out there, has this blessing of sharing a recipe in their most preferred way, i.e, “…ohh, it’s very simple… you sauté ‘this’ and ‘that’……...add ‘a pinch of this’ and ‘a dash of that’......stir well, then again pour that and you ‘re all set!" !!!! Hey , she does not stop there, the dialogue continues, “….and I think this is really an interesting one for your blog….you may garnish by placing ‘this’ or ‘that’ on top.” !!! :-) Sometimes she watches the cookery shows aired in Malayalam Channels and notes down the recipes for me but expecting her to point out the proportions and measurements is still futile and this is one such recipe, from those shows, shared where she provided the basic framework for me to work with!

Ingredients: (Makes about 7-9 rolls)
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 3 tsp All-purpose flour/maida
  • ¼ cup milk
  • ¾ tsp Garam masala + a pinch or two, if required
  • ½ tsp Chilly powder
  • ½ tsp Pepper powder + a pinch or two, if required
  • ¼ cup finely chopped Cilantro/Coriander leaves
  • 4-5 finely chopped small pearl red onions/shallots
  • 2 or 2 ¼ cups cooked and minced chicken or beef
  • 1 hardboiled egg mashed
  • ¾ cup bread crumbs
  • 1 egg beaten (or just the egg white)
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for frying
  • Make the White Sauce: In a hot pan, melt the butter, add all-purpose flour/maida and make a roux or stir until it thickens without any lumps and add milk to make the white sauce. (Note: You may remove the pan from stove to stir in the flour and milk.)
  • In a low flame, add garam masala, chilly powder , pepper powder and coriander leaves to the white sauce and stir well; add finely chopped onions, mashed boiled egg and cooked minced meat and combine everything well. Do a taste-test here and adjust salt and if the spices are not enough for your palate, add a pinch or two of garam masala and pepper powder and turn of the stove. (Note: For the minced meat, I pressure-cook cubed chicken breast or beef with a simple marinade of salt, pepper powder, a couple of green chillies, ginger and garlic and when cooked and cool enough, mince them in a food processor).
  • When the mixture is warm or cool enough to touch, divide the mixture into 7-9 balls and shape them into a tube, as the ones in picture or slightly bigger than that. If the mixture does not hold together, add some bread crumbs in very smaller quantity. (Note: I did not face any issues like that with the above measurements).
  • Keep a bowl of bread crumbs and a bowl with beaten egg ready. Dip each of these meat tubes into beaten egg and then roll the tube in bread crumbs, making sure to coat all the sides evenly. Do this one by one. Do a final shaping of meat-rolls one more time, removing excess bread crumbs from the rolls. Shallow fry the meat rolls carefully in low-medium heat. Serve warm with ketchup or pickled onions. "Some" at my place feel that this taste better the next day :)
A good evening snack for your kids….a great appetizer for your dinner parties, especially kids parties…..and best for those who does not like to have spicy snacks! Wrap them in a Chappathi (Indian bread) or Tortilla or Pita Bread with some fresh veggies and there you go with your picnic lunch!! :)


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  1. I cant answer the first question, but my answers for your 2nd, 3rd and 4th are:

    Brad Pitt

    Scarlett Johansson

    And both meat cutlet and meat roll! Am I too greedy? :D

  2. When you said white sauce, I was looking everywhere in the picture for the white sauce! I thought it is a dip for the rolls. When I read the recipe, I understood where the white sauce went. :) Do you think ground meat would be ok for this? For the spicy cutlets, I don't like using ground meat and I do the food processor mincing like you do.

    And hey, why don't you give your blogger login id to your mom, and request her to make guest posts here? in case she doesn't want to manage one on her own.

  3. Good you have 2 critics to analyse
    the food you blog. Also a mother who is so passionate about cooking and impart her passion on to you. Isn't that wonderful ? no wonder i always see beautiful pics with mouth watering recipes. Meat roll look so tempting.

  4. Aha, so your pics are recipes are gone through double stage quality control process, no wonder those turn out so great all the time... :)

    The rolls look yummy, I have had these, but never really thought these were actually different from meat cutlets, since the cutlets taste so different when different people make it :) Do I have to choose, can I get a meat cutlet and a roll on a plate together? (That is the just the way I'd have Brad and Matt too ;))

  5. How cute :). and why no Clooney? i have to prepare a veggie version of this, Shn. Words like cutlets and rolls are making me drool :-D.

  6. Oh! posted my comment half way through! Your Mom is so cute :). My dad broswes my blog too, and we discuss recipes and food too :). No criticism though, because even if he tries an idea from here, he cooks it his own way :-D. As in like, mix everything and cook ;).

  7. Haven't tried with white sauce yet,this looks soooo delicious!
    love to get some when breaking fast..

  8. Oh!Shn,such a tempting picture!How I wish I could taste that from screen!My mom also shares it in the same way-athu kurachittal mathi,mattethu ithiri kooduthal....and I ...!!!
    I've started baking,shall let u know surely .

  9. I first thought it was meat rolls stuffed with roux and was looking all over to read how you stuffed it in!! :) What would be a good dip to go with this? Schezwan sauce? Your blog goes thru stringent QC tests huh? :)

  10. Mishmash,
    Mouthwatering pics. will surely try this recipe.

  11. Looks and sounds delicious.. the pics are just perfect :)

  12. the look at the cutlet is making be drool. i will try a vege version may be substitute soya nuggets. you mom is so cute!

  13. yeah, me too was looking for white sauce all over until I read the recipe!! great post, although like musical, i would love a veggie version...

  14. I've had something similar... vegetarian :-) at Koshy's in Bangalore.

    You cook lovely stuff and take even better pics :-)

  15. Oooohlaalaa...Shn,
    trust me, I just came across this kinda recipie, just yesterday in a book..cant remember how they called it..and just felt .."Ooh, too complicated for me"!!..and here it is..great work, Shn..luv your posts..

  16. Woman, that looks mouthwatering!! We had Ribs and baked beans BBQ on Sunday.Compared to this cutlet,my BBQ is NOTHING!:D
    I like it, we used to eat Mutton cutlets in B'lore which is so gingery!:))
    Thanks for this, hugs:)

  17. I was thinking maybe this is dipped in white sauce !!! But now i know.
    Looks gorgeous, Auntie indeed gives you very good pointers, all your dishes are so well presented.

    Love the meat cutlet and am sure would love this too

  18. Looks great as always..It reminds me of my aunt who made perfect chicken rolls..and we cousins used to have atleast half a dozen or so at one go!! ;-P

    this is one of my favourite u said tough to choose between a cutlet and a roll..

  19. Cutlet or roll, I love them both...your rolls definitely look mouthwatering indeed :)

  20. That's a very unusual recipe, Shn! You meant white sauce in meat rolls! I'm glad the cutlet isn't swimming in the white sauce, makes it more palatable.

  21. Good looking cutlets.
    I woudn't mind to have it with a dolop of ketchup :-))

  22. This is my first time to ur blog and now i will b a regular here. Its is damnnnnnnnnnnnn gooddddddddd.

  23. Sure, Mouth Watering !!!!!!!!!!!!! the meat roll looks tempting.

  24. I too prefer mincing the meat than ground meat!!
    good recipe !!
    BTW I am counting on U for the whole baked cake, never know someday I will by knocking on ur door!!!;)

  25. Hi Shn!So sweet of your mum to write down recipes for you and send it to you and also to give you feedback on all that you make.
    Such feedback does help us improve and I have noticed you always make it a point to write even small such pointers for us.Thanks for that.Is this a Lakshmi Nair recipe?Looks very very good.

  26. Just Brad pitt and meat rolls for me.

  27. It looks mouthwatering,Mishmash...
    I can't wait to taste it..

  28. What a darling mother you have! I was laughing so hard after reading this post. Shn, do encourage her to start a blog.

  29. beautiful pictures! a unique recipe..never heard of using white sauce in meat rolls. the rolls look delicious!
    i am also a mallu blogger. please do visit my blog.

  30. Great looking rolls. I looked all around for the white sauce only to find it gone into the recipe - how stupid of me. But they look absolutely appetizing.

    Your blog is a pleasure to visit.

  31. These look so good, and I am a vegetarian. What do you suggest substituting to make it veggie? Cabbage?

    1. Aishy
    2. Angie (not even Brad!)
    3. Halle

  32. Wow ! Looks Yummy Mishmash :-) I make the same king with chicken and call it Chicken Croquettes. That was my first post. Will surely try out your recipe too.

  33. Meat roll looks out of this world. Mothers want their kids to excel in what ever they do and I can see it in your blog, Nice to know that your mother shared her food passion with you.

    Even my mom these days does the same things, notes down the recipes from telugu channel n passes them to me, n sometimes these days its vice-versa sis is going mad that we are talking about food n recipes on ISD call ;)

  34. Let me join Anh... hehee...
    I'm greedy, I'd pick bot Halle and Scarlett.
    For the men, naah! But I'd really have to think it hard if you give me Jude Law or Will Smith :P
    And GREAT recipe Shn (and your mom) and GREAT photoes!!! I'll see myself prepare this very soon!

  35. LOL...i thought it was only my mom who had prob with giving ingredients in cups, tsp or tbsp. looks like all mom's share same thing when it comes to cooking instructions;)
    lovely pics again mishy. u surely have got gr8 talent and artistic skills, may be passed down by ur mom?

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. Vidhi said...

    Love the way you write.
    Beats boring old plain-recipes anyday. And the photographs are complement your writing and recipes so beautifully! Kudos girl.

    Yours 'ghost reader' turned 'poster'

  38. Lovely pictures, Shn! As always! :) Appetizing dish!

  39. The pictures are amazing. Love your down-the-memory-lane flashbacks :)

  40. the shape has come out so well.. looks yummy!

  41. Hey thanxx very much for this recipe..finally found something my little daughter wanted to eat!!!

  42. wow......It looks heavenly mishmash......:-)

  43. Anh, no sweetie, you are just being reasonable :)

    RP, I have not tried with ground meat :) Yes, I wish Mummy could do that but.......!!! Btw, most of my recipes are her recipes only :)

    Pravs, you re giving all the credits to my critics, thats not fair :D

    Sig, :):)you re right, cutlet looks and taste different when different people make it. And for the second question, I would say you have to stay political all the time :P

    Musical, ohh I had Clooney in mind till the last moment, but then I thought Brad will have more fans;))) Your dad reads your blog and tries the recipe, cute is that!!! ;)

    Seena, I wish I could send it to you!

    Liz, ee " ethiri kooduthal" aanu prasnam as they cant say how much is that "ethiri" :)

    Jyothsna, any sweet, sour or spicy sauce will go with this as I had already written it has a neutral taste coz of the white sauce, even though the spices are used in cooking.

    Prajusha, Hope you will tell me how it turned out for you :)

    Cinnamon, Thank you so much!

    Roopa, hmm...that sounds interesting....hope you will share your version of the recipe too :)

    Rachna, Did I confuse you all ?? :))

    Raaga, thanks dear:) I have never been to Koshy's, but next time I am in Blore, I have to visit atlst once :)

    Kitchen Scientist,'s not all that complicated ....if you make cutlets, then its almost the same effort :)

    Asha, but still bbq evenings are so fun :) btw, I would appreciate if you could call this meat rolls :P

    Sandeepa, yes, Mummy is a perfectionist when it comes to cooking, she wants her veggies to cut in same size and width and what not:)) Li'l S might like this version rather than the spicy cutlets:)

    Mathew, cutlet or rolls, we should never take the count, we re not supposed to :P

    Sunita, Thanks dear :)

    Sra, what I really meant was rolls cooked in white sauce :)) Anyway I have updated that title to avoid future confusions. looks like a Wren's & Martin;s book is also required !! :D

    Happycook, thats how we had it :)

    Pooja, oh...thanks a lot, nice to hear such words ...Welcome here:)

    Rina, thank you :)

    Mallurecipes, pls do come over, and I am ready to take you order for the menu :)

    Sumitha, My mother is really passionate about cooking, these days , I mean after I started blogging, we talk a lot about food . Well, I checked with her, she does not remember the name of the host, but thinks it;s not Lakshmi Nair's recipe either! :)

    Gini, :)

    Annita, coming over...?Just a call away :)

    Cynthia, I wish I could convince her....but she is hesitant to do such things , you know how moms are like...:)

    Lissie, Thanks for dropping by...I did check out your blog and some recipes and pics are still in my mind :)

    Shella, thank you so much....I hope to entertain you with more recipes in the future too :)

    Kanchana, you should atleast consider Mathew right? :)

    Mona, I am not able to go to your page...Could you pls link it here?

    Padma, I understand what you re saying, it's the same everywhere :)

    Gattina, so nice to have you back, my friend :) I would say Jude Law :P

    Sia, all mom's are alike :)

    Vidhi, nice to see a comment from my ghost reader :) and thanks for all the appreciation. Btw, pls address me as Shn or Mishmash! as thats what I have chosen for this virtual world :)

    Vani, hey long 've u been?

    Nabeela, thanks for coming by.....glad to know you went through those long stories ;)

    Nags, thank you :)

    Rachel, oh..i hope she likes it:)

    Sirisha, thanks :)


  44. hello Shn
    I'm new to your blog.. loved all ur pics.. they tempt me to go ahead and try your recipe.. i tried out the meat rolls it turned out really good.. thank you so much for such a good recipe

  45. Just stumbled upon ur blog. Wow!! what a great blog u have here. Superb job done. All the very best to u.

  46. I think it's endearing that your mom gets so excited. My dad's that way too! These look so yummy; perfect for a picnic, I agree. One question: Where's George Clooney? :)

  47. I haven't thought of croquettes for years - same thing, white sauce mixed with the meat, but without the spices. They were VERY bland, but as popular with us kids as French fries. Shn, thx for the delicious photos and memories.

  48. I missed your Sunday edition. Come back soon

  49. Thought I missed your post... Busy aano?

  50. Hey long time no see!!?? not blogging? hope all is well at your end.

  51. cZFYCw Your blog is great. Articles is interesting!

  52. Hi,
    Your blog is excellent. The way you present the dishes are really good. When I read this recipe, I thought of sharing the way I make meat rools. I place the spiced mince meet in a pan cake , roll it and coat with bread crumbs and fry it.

  53. I always read through your blog because it is very interesting. For a competition I got idea for meat roll from you. Though my meat roll was with a yeast based wrapper, the stuffing I used minced meat with white sauce and cheese and inside the meat roll I again stuffed with spinach and cheese. To use white sauce I got idea from you. I really thank you for that and the dish was very much appreciated and I came first in that round.

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