Saturday, January 13, 2007

Here’s a Toast...

Where do I start..hmm..Till two weeks back, I never thought about having my own blog spot until my husband seeded this brilliant idea of creating a space, where I can share the reflections from my kitchen. I still remember that bright summer day in my teens, when my parents literally dragged me into the kitchen to teach me to prepare two cups of tea and my image of lighting the stove from a distance as though it’s going to explode !!! Another recollection is the mail I received, just a week after our engagement, from my fiancée, my best friend CJJ, with a link from Poor guy, he had his own doubts about having some good home made food after marriage, knowing very well that the love of his life had not made any great improvement from the ‘two cups of tea and an omelet’ phase! And Ohhh..there pops up another image in my head where my MIL went speechless when I asked her whether one glass of green grams (as big as our water tumbler in Kerala) is enough for a side dish, for two persons for a meal !!!!!

And with all these above mentioned extensive knowledge and experience of mine, I started my cooking adventures with the notes I prepared, just two days before marriage, with the help of my aunt and Mummy and ofcourse, with the recipes from the great Then followed innumerable STD/ISD calls to Mummy whenever I was in kitchen, sometimes struggling to differentiate coriander powder and cumin powder...and I can not remember the number of times I tuned to Food TV and other cookery shows. Fortunately, I had the beginner’s luck or I wonder if it was CJJ who was lucky !! But now when I look back I have gone too far from that teenage girl to this confident and responsible young (??) homemaker, diagnosed with the early symptoms of OCD, who can sure host a decent dinner!! And there when I am floating in the clouds, with all the confidence boosting compliments from our friends after relishing the food, here comes my CJJ with his funniest story of my first chicken curry and that chicken who got embarrassed in my kitchen seeing its final shape and am sure, that story is definitely a topping over the dessert for all our friends.

I don’t know how far I will be able to sustain this new found interest in blogging but as long as I have a bulldozer behind me, yes my CJJ, I will be sharing some of my experiments from the kitchen...and I start my first one here, raising a toast to my parents, my CJJ and to all of you, my friends !!


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  1. "when I asked her whether one glass of green grams (as big as our water tumbler in Kerala) is enough for a side dish, for two persons for a meal !!!!!"

    hmmm......almost impossible to pick up from this... to a stage where our friend(CJJ) is daring to have food from your Lab daily

    I am interested in doing adventurous things. I should try your food

    By the way, your style of writing is really good..not sure about the food..;)

  2. Rajeev, Thanks for your comments !Hope my recipes get pally with your palate. I have just posted my first one, Try it if you are not a teetotaler :)

  3. oh mine!!! i don't believe it.firts recepie looks gud.all re elaving home in another 2 days so i might try it for the weekend.
    gud idea though.
    please keep giving some good recepies.

  4. Good luck with your blog.

  5. Hi Roshni,
    Thanks for your comments ! Do try out and let me know. Meanwhile checkout my second recipe.

    Hi Shitu,
    Welcome to my blogspot, Thanks for your wishes.

  6. I can't wait planing to visit you soon....:))

    Raj is very much impressed by seeing your first recipe..and myself seeing your second one...will try both soon and will let you know our comments..

    The pics are also superb...great job....Thumbs Up !!!

  7. .....and i thot i was the only one having a series of kitchen calamities trailing me like haphazard shadows! Nice place.....nice read! It does more than just boosting my apetite....... :-) All the best!

  8. hmmmmmm look ye hear..... i am going to try these out too..hopefully soon.... nice begining to the year.... dear... i think your managing to swim crocodiles n all ;).....

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  10. Welcome!
    It was interesting to read about your culinary journey.
    Looking forward to read more from you.

  11. Reena
    Just want to let you know that chauffeur & Chef is ready; U just need to let us know ur date of arrival :)

    Lets all forget those 'shadows', we dont have time for all that :)Thanks for all those lovely words ! Come back again.

    hmm...I'm managing dear :) Do try it out soon.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and do come back again,I'll be here to entertain u with more stories :)


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  13. Story of our life, right? Hope you enjoy blogging. Life is fun here:)

  14. Thush,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving those wonderful comments :)And hey, thanks for ur vote too :))Certainly, I will post some Kerala dishes.

    hmm..story of many, I guess :) Yes,I've started enjoying the blogworld :)

  15. Welcome to the world of blogging Mishmash!!!! (cute name:) )

    Great reading about your journey to kitchen :) I am sure you will sustain in this world!!! Its fun over here :) And once you get hooked on to it, someone has to really pull you back!!! Its that addictive :)

    I am blogrolling you :)

  16. Coffee,it took me almost two days to reach at this name, didnt know that naming a blog is such a difficult task !! Oh, yes its quite addictive,I'm becoming a mouse potato these days:) And hey, thanks for blogrolling me, u dont know what it means for me !!!


  17. ahello madam

    i accidently found your blog and very much surprised and happy to see the transition......good work...


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